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The Sunshine Blogger Award - Take Two and Three!

Credit: Not Me!

I'm only in my third month of blogging and this is the 5th award that I have been nominated for and for the Sunshine Blogger Award three times! This honestly means a great deal to me. I'd like to thank Cooking With Kids and Navigating Baby for nominating me for this particular award.

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Before I dive into answering the questions, here are the rules!

1. Thank the awesome blogger who nominated you!
2. Answer all of the 11 questions you were asked by the blogger.
3. Nominate further 11 bloggers and ask them your own 11 questions!
4. List the rules in your post as well the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or blog.

Questions by Cooking With Kids 

Why did you start blogging?

I have always had a passion for writing and putting my thoughts across and ever since becoming a parent myself, I realised that I just had so much to say but no one to share it with, hence The Mum Affairs was born!

What is your favourite food? And your least favourite? 

This is a difficult one to answer because there isn’t that one particular food that I love the most but if I had to choose maybe mince and potato curry as it can be eaten with variations, you can never go wrong with it. As for least favourite  , anything with turnips! Blech!

What do you do in your spare time (apart from blogging?) 

Spend time with my daughter. 

If you had a superpower what would it be? 

A superpower that’d help me get all of the housework and cooking done without me having to actually do it myself.

What is the best place you’ve ever been to and why? 

Lake District because it was just so beautiful and peaceful, you really forget the outside world and your worries when you’re there.

How do you relax? 

The easiest way to relax for me is reading blogposts and watching vlogs on YouTube

Should pineapple go on pizza? 

Yes, why not?

What is your favourite TV programme? 

Now this is difficult to answer as I absolutely love shows like Madam Secretary, The Blacklist, Billions, Suits, Scandal, Blindspot, Blue Bloods, Supergirl but if there’s one that sticks to mind, is an all time favourite of mine, Brothers and Sisters!

What is your proudest achievement? 

Walking across the stage with a smile at my Masters graduation ceremony less than a month after my son grew his wings.

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

Too cold because then you can always hide under a blanket!

You’ve won the lottery! Whats the first thing you do? 

Buy a nice family home and give a good amount to charity.

Questions from Navigating Baby

What made you start your blog? 

As mentioned above, the fact that when you become parent you find yourself having an opinion on literally everything so blogging is that haven where you can share that.

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

Anywhere as long as my daughter is with me.

What drives you to get out of bed in the morning? 

My daughter! I have to make her breakfast and that’s my only motivation at the moment.

How do you create ‘me’ time and what do you do? 

My ‘me’ time is usually after Little A’s bedtime, just doing some reading whether a book or a blogpost and catching up on a vlog or tv show.

What makes you feel content and fulfilled? 

Whenever Little A climbs onto me for a cuddle. 

If there was one thing that you have learnt so far in life that you wanted to tell the next generation what would it be? 

Never be afraid to voice your opinion, no matter what the situation, if you are unsure about something, have any doubts - speak up! 

Where are your top three places to go on holiday? 

I don’t really have a top three because I think the best holiday is wherever you go with your loved ones and just have a great time.

What is the best thing that happened to you today? 

We had briefly lost Little A's Bunny, her best friend so the best thing was finally finding it after a couple of hours and lots of searching! 

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time? 

In a bigger home with a permanent long term job and hopefully still blogging! 

What constitutes a really good day for you? 

A good day is where I am able to get everything done such as, going to work, household chores, cooking, cleaning and spending time with Little A.

What do you like the best about having a blog? 

The ability to be able to connect and befriend lots of amazing people from across the world, it’s hard to put into words how loving and supportive the blogging community really is. 


Now my questions are...
  1. Who or what is your blogging inspiration?
  2. How do you feel about blogging?
  3. What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?
  4. What is that one goal you would like to achieve this year?
  5. Do you have a self care routine? If so, share it with us.
  6. What’s your plan for tomorrow?
  7. What’s your favourite pass time, other than blogging?
  8. What’s your favourite social media platform?
  9. What’s your favourite blogpost by yourself? Link it here.
  10. If you could change one thing about world history, what would that be?
  11. Any advice for fellow bloggers?


I now nominate..

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P.S Question for readers:- What piece of advice would you give new bloggers?

Monday, 19 March 2018

Things No one Tells You About Parenthood

No matter how prepared you think you are, no matter how many books you read or carry out research, there is nothing that prepares you for what’s coming towards your way because no one ever tells you the true inside story of Parenthood.

Here are a few things that I’ve come across in the past year that no one told me about. 
This may not be true for everyone but if you have been reading my previous posts then you are well aware of our struggles with sleep. I was under the impression that newborn days are the worst but they were a bliss compared to now and how it’s been for the past 6+ months. We have had good days and very bad days but it’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster and I haven’t had a good full night’s sleep since I was in my second trimester all the way back in 2016!

The only time I am able to have warm food    is on a Sunday when the husband is home or if I am at my Mum’s. If it’s just me and Little A it’s cold food and cold tea. Sometimes, the thought to rewarm your meal comes to mind but then you think about the time it’s going to take and you might as well just eat it as you may not get a chance to at all. 
I had thought I was the one with crazy amount of things but clearly I was wrong. Who knew someone so teeny could take up the most, if not all of your living space. An example being, our front room is literally a playroom, we have to be careful where we may tread as we may come in the way of a toy that’s being thrown about from the across the room.
You go shopping to buy your essentials or perhaps something for yourself for a change but you find yourself spending endless amount of time in the baby and children aisles cooing over the new arrivals and filling your shopping basket with clothes for your child you didn’t even really need for them.

By the time you realise why you had actually made the effort to come here in the first place, your little human in the pram is so cranky, on the brink of tears, you don’t bother with anything else so you quickly pay and run home.

Gone are the days where you use to feel sorry for yourself whenever you ended up with a bunged nose and a fever. Now no matter how much you want to stay in bed, you have to get up and make some effort for that little helpless human you are responsible for. Now you’ll find yourself in the kitchen, with a mask over your mouth and nose to shield those germs, making breakfast along with singing and dancing to keep the little one entertained with of course added remix of sneezes.

(I have to admit, I ended up escaping to my Mum’s home for the whole week until I got better... but that didn’t mean getting to stay in bed as at many times, Little A only wanted mummy!).

The gush of emotions you feel for your little human, you do get warned about it, but you can never truly know until you’re able to feel it yourself. How is it possible to love someone so much? As cheesy as it may sound, the love for a child is absolutely unmeasurable and indescribable. Before stepping into parenthood, you don't ever give any thought to a love like this, yes you probably love your partner and other family members too but a love for a child is something else altogether.

Despite the lack of sleep, the self pity, warm food, space and shopping for yourself - I believe Parenthood is the best thing I have ever experienced and I am so glad to be a part of it because that’s the beauty of Parenting! 


Is there anything that you’d like to add to the list of things no one tells you about parenting? If so, please share in the comments below!


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

#DearDaughter by Lynsey

When I received a lovely comment on my page from Soffy, it brought me over to hers where I found her #DearDaughter guest post. I decided I would love to contribute, after doing my Dear Future Husband a couple of weeks ago this one felt very fitting to continue with this great idea. Soooo......

 Dear Daughters,

 You each have a half of my heart, so it felt only right to say these words to you both.

 The most important thing you should know is how special you both are. Our journey so far hasn't been easy by any stretch, my health has caused us all to suffer dark days and you both survive these days beautifully. With grace and empathy, strength and hope. These days of darkness in our house never last long, and that is because of you two. The laughter, the achievements, the hugs and pride you bring to my life work better than any medication I could take. For this, I am thankful every day. We are a team, a tribe. We just fit.

 Neither of you were brought into this world traditionally, with each pregnancy test bringing uncertainty and fear of the unknown. What I didn't know then was that there was nothing to fear, you would each become my greatest success.

 You would teach me lessons I never believed I'd have to think about, navigate your own way through harder times than any children should really have to face. The strength in you both makes me strong. Proud. Brave.

 The happiest moments I've ever had are the days I watch you together. When big sister takes little sister and shows her all the things she needs to learn. The stuff I am too old to make cool enough to teach. How to spray her perfume just the right amount, how to put her makeup on and the easiest way to do sums I don't understand.

 When little sister watches big sister with eyes of adoration.

 The love you have for one another is a gift. Don't ever lose that. Don't ever forget how strong the bond is that you share. I always wanted a sister and now I get to experience what it would have been like by watching what you have together.


To big sister, my first born human,

 There are lessons I now need to pass on to you, ones that you will not listen to but that you will use when the time comes.

 School is hard, but everything worthwhile in life is. Persevere through those shitty days, it will be worth it, always.

You must never believe that any boy is too good for you, never make the mistakes I have made before you, if you do not learn to love yourself then you will never allow anyone else to love you the way you deserve.

Enjoy every minute of being young, being in a rush to grow seems exciting now but being grown brings responsibilities that can wait. Who wants to pay a tv license anyway?!

 Learn to be motivated, you are genetically lazy, fight the instinct to leave a mess at you're backside, make the effort to find some get up and go, or as you know it won't fair well for the future.

 Ask questions of Gran and Grandad, I wish I had asked my grandparents more about who they were and cherished the short time you have with them. Life is not forever and what is left behind last so much longer.

 Never lose your humour, you are the funniest person I know, and laughter heals so many wounds.

Always remember, when you hate me for ruining your plans, that you will not always feel this way, for we have always been more than Mother and child, you have been my rock and best friend from the day you came into this world. More importantly never doubt your worth, because you are worth more than every star in the sky my darling. Now little sister, my beautiful sweetheart, what many would now call a rainbow, you are to me more than that. You are the sun!

Where do I begin with you huh? Your relatively short time here so far has been met with more hurdles than I've been able to fix for you, but just as sissy before you, you have the strength of ten men. You have conquered every rubbish thing life has thrown at you and you are still so kind, thoughtful and give the best hugs I could ask for. Always be just as kind as you are today my angel, because that is one of your best qualities. You have the most beautiful heart.

Stop feeling like you aren't as important as sissy, because you are, you have always been. From the moment I knew you were on the way, my heart grew to twice the size, with one half for sissy and the other for you. Equal. For always. When your school work is a struggle, don't give up. You may not know it now but you are you were passed down the genetics to become the best at whatever you do, you just have to use your powers for good, not evil. (Like Harry Potter)

On the topic of our friend Harry, your love of books will also take you far, never stop reading and never stop believing in the magic of daydreaming. It will save your adult days more than I can tell you.

You are destined for great things my love, you just have to keep trying and they will come your way easily.

The time I have to have away from you is always a bittersweet time, I love that you have the best time with dad and when you are older you will understand how important that time is and the things he has sacrificed to be the best dad he can be for you. When the arguing between him and I flared up, which I'm sure it will again at some time, you must always keep in mind that it's never been anything you have done, it is because we are both grumpy shits with short patience. On the flip side of that, you should also know that I have never been more proud of another adult human than I have been of him and the journey he has been on.

Your love of being outside reminds me so much of my childhood, watching you on your bike and climbing trees makes me beam with joy because I know the memories you are making. And they are wonderful.

Now back to you both.

The love I have for you little humans is so completely overwhelming I could never find the words to convey it properly, but you have saved my life so many times just by being here. I couldn't have wished for two more amazingly beautiful and difficult children if I'd designed you from head to toe.

I am forever grateful, forever in love and forever yours,
Mum x


Thank you Lynsey for sharing such a beautiful piece with us! 
Lynsey is a parenting blogger but with a twist, she talks about how it is like raise teenagers and shares her experiences with us. 
Do go check her blog out:
You can also find her on:


Would you like to take part in the #DearDaughter Guest Series?
If so then read this to find out more!

Monday, 12 March 2018

First Year Regrets - 5 Things That Should’ve Happened

During a pregnancy, we make a thousand and one plans on what we are going to do when our bundle of joy arrives, it’s these thoughts that help us get through the difficult days of waddling around with a big bump. Not once do we think about things not going to plan and when they don’t, it really puts us down and this is what happened with me.

Here are a few things that I regret about Little A's first year and what should have happened instead. I guess some may seem petty but when your hormones are riding on a rollercoaster, you do tend to get emotional about such things, eh?


Thanks to a rough start to our breastfeeding journey, I really began to doubt myself and would worry extensively about things that didn’t need worrying over and suffered from the feeding guilt. You know, that good ole’ breastfeeding guilt - I won’t go into extensive detail here as I have already written a dedicated post about this but since this post is all about my regrets then there was no way I was going to keep this out. I guess I shouldn’t have let feeding overshadow our time, I should’ve persevered and be strong willed and should have fought my corner, which I did but that was much later on, this should have happened right at very beginning when I was being given wrong advice. I should have had more faith in myself that I was just perfect for my child.


As I was given the impression by professionals that there was no need for me to express, I did not buy a pump until much later on after doing my own research. I first bought a manual pump, which was amazing but then I developed pain in my hand and shoulder because I was pumping everyday and manual pumps are not designed for everyday use. I then set my eyes on an electric pump that I really wanted but then took a lot of time purchasing it. 

By the time, I had bought the pump and began using it, my milk supply was already established and my body just wouldn't make anymore milk than Little A had needed. There was nothing wrong with the pump itself but me, I then learnt about power pumping and attempted that for two days but whenever I'd find time to sit down which would normally be after Little A's bedtime, she'd unsettle and want only me. 

I then never went back to pumping. I think the regret in this is that I should have persevered and should have bought a pump right away, it would have helped me increase my milk supply and I probably would've not faced the issues in the beginning that I did. To put this long story short, I should have done my own research into breastfeeding and expressing when I was pregnant and not relied on ill informed professionals.

Newborn Photoshoot 

 This makes my heart leap and not in that lovingly kind of way. Throughout my pregnancy, I had planned that I would arrange a professional photoshoot for Little A in her early weeks of life. I had even decided who I was going to book, contacted them and had 80% of everything arranged. I also had wanted to take advantage of the Bounty Photoshoot that takes place at the hospital but if you read my birth story then you already know that it didn’t happen due to the neonatal stay. When Little A came home at 4 days old, I ended up disabled for over a month.

Then in her first month she ended up with cradle cap all over her face - so I guess you get the gist of it all now. This didn’t really bother me as I have gazillions of photos of her and do my own photoshoots of her but when someone casually mentioned to me last month that ‘everyone has a professional photoshoot done of their babies, why didn’t you?’ It really hit me hard.


During my pregnancy, I had bought a cute diary and decided quite excitedly that I was going to write a letter to Little A each month and did I? Nope! I know it’s not too late to start this but it would have been lovely to have documented her developments and memories of the month on paper for her to look back on.


 I didn’t buy those special milestones cards until much later on and now you must be thinking what was even the point! Crazy me ended up buying it the day before Little A turned 6 months old, yes 6 months (blame Amazon prime, not me!). So a lot of them are unused of course but I was determined to use them from that point on and I did for example when she turned a month older, ate solids for the first time, sat independently etc but there have been milestone cards that are gathering dust such as ‘first tooth’ - she cut her first tooth and I began to think that doesn’t count right? It needs to develop properly then I never got round to take that picture. When she unexpectedly began to crawl when weren’t home that week as well as turning 11 months at the time, neither photos were taken. But I was adamant on using the ‘Today’s My First Birthday’ card.

Little A had her birthday over at her Nanna’s and whilst packing her things the day before, I made sure I had packed it but it is, unfortunately, still lost in transit somewhere as I have searched both homes for it and I still cannot find it! I guess the regret here is I shouldn’t have bothered buying them 6 months on in her life and when I did buy them I should have not let life get in the way of using them. It does sometimes make me feel awful when I think about it.


Did you have any regrets from your child's first year?
Please share with me below!


Friday, 9 March 2018

Whose Your Superwoman?

I have always adored the month of March, not because of spring brewing but because for me that only means one thing, hay fever sniffles are just around corner! But due to the dates that are marked.

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, I hear too many negative things about both days which really do get on my nerves. Comments such as why isn’t there a International Men’s Day? Well, sorry to burst your balloon but there is and it’s 19th November, the only difference is there isn’t much hype around it in the media - there should be acknowledgement on it, I agree, but I do understand why Women’s Day gets more attention - as sad as it may sound but women have endured and been through hell in this world compared to men just for basic human rights - think about that.

What about the negativity around Mother’s Day? The typical line we always hear and I’m sure that I am going to read many WhatsApp statuses this Sunday saying ‘everyday is Mother’s Day’. Well, do you buy your Mother a gift everyday? No. Do you take special time out to spend with your Mother everyday? No! Even if you wanted to you couldn’t because that’s how life is. 

Mothers are whom are under appreciated because no matter how much you show appreciation towards this woman in your life, it will never be enough as I’ve only realised this by becoming a Mother myself. She’s a cleaner, a cook, a personal assistant, an accountant, housekeeper, a teacher and the list can go on forever! 

So rather than pouring rain over these two days, you might as well take some time out and appreciate the Superwomen in your life, be it your Mum, Partner, Daughter, Sister, Friend and or any other female relation. 

When I think of the word Superwoman - three admirable ladies in my everyday life come to mind, my Mum and Sister-in-Law (the husband’s sister) and a special little lady. So what makes them Superwomen?


Well Mum is Mum! Every mother is a Superwoman in my eyes. Growing up, Mum and I have been just like friends, we’d bicker then make up straightaway, do activities together, share literally every little thought with each other and truthfully speaking she is the only person in this world that I would trust Little A with, yes other relations are good with my daughter but I know that my Mum would just be the best. 

Since becoming a Mother myself, I’ve realised that I under appreciate and under value my Mum - but the thing is, it can get difficult because, in my opinion, a thank you or a gift does not reflect the many years of hard work that she’s dedicated to me but with Mums though, no matter how big or small your gesture is, it is always appreciated by them. 

When it’s our birthdays, we think of what we want for it. I made a decision in October 2015 during my labour, whilst facing my first experience of contractions that every year on my birthday I will buy my Mum a gift too - because more than me, she deserves recognition on that day, she did all the hard work, she didn’t need to but she did out of her own choice.

Would you consider treating your Mum on your birthday? 


This woman is literally the prime definition of a Superwoman! I honestly have no idea how on earth does she do it, I wouldn’t be able to manage at all if I were her. 

She has a lot of responsibilities, on top of being a Mum of three, she manages the entire household, runs all her errands of the outside world, takes care of her husband who is not only blind but is now bed ridden due to back problems. She also has a son who is SEN and due to this she has had to fight many battles with doctors, schools and the local authority to receive the support that her son deserves. You may be thinking but she’s only fulfilling her role, nothing special about this at all. 

But guess what?

At the same time, she’s facing her own health problems. I clearly remember her attending a school meeting on crutches and with a dislocated jaw. She could have had the meeting postponed but all she kept repeating was she didn’t want her son’s support to be delayed further. 

Many a times, I have clearly told her to be selfish and not only me but her doctors too, to think about herself before anyone else for once. But I guess it’s in her nature to be selfless and caring, no wonder she’s admired by everyone she meets.

Little A

How can I not include this little lady in my post about Superwomen? She may only be a year old but I definitely see a Superwoman in her already. For someone so small to have such a great influence in your life and who is able to change it for the better - that person, no matter what age, must have superhero qualities, don't you think?

So whose your Superwoman? 
Comment below and let me know who and why!

Monday, 5 March 2018

Little A's One Year Update

So, this is a bit of a strange one, I guess! I didn’t do monthly updates for Little A purely because I wasn’t blogging then and was wondering whether I should do one now. 

So here goes!

Little A turned a year on February 24th. I still cannot believe how speedily this year went, I’m still getting used to saying ‘I have a one year old!’. 

Please don’t get me started on this! It seriously feels like we have been to hell and back! Little A began teething around 3 months old but only got her pearly whites around 9 months old. Since November she’s had four teeth in total, top two and bottom two. Where is the fifth one, you ask? I don’t know! She’s been teething but there is no sign of it. The night before her birthday was absolutely horrendous, we were up all night as nothing would work, no bonjela, Ashton and Parsons teething powder nor calpol! I thought maybe now she’ll get a fifth one - no! 

If you ask me to define our first year in a few words, one of them words would definitely have to be teething!

At 11.5 months old, Little A’s height and weight was measured at the 1 year check up. Back then she was 2 ft 5 and weighed 9.40kg. I use to get her weighed every month obsessively until she was 9 months old - one of the reasons being that I didn’t have confidence in myself that I was feeding her correctly but thankfully I came to learn that these worries were meaningless and I can’t tell you how better I feel about myself now.

Well, as you probably already know that I weaned Little A off the bottles at 11 months and just breastfeed her. At the moment it’s first thing in the morning, before bedtime and once at night. But if she’s teething and inconsolable, I feed her then too. Since she has turned 1, she also has a cup of cows milk a day which she absolutely adores!

Little A has always been a foodie so we haven’t had any issues. As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner she has two snacks in between which is nearly always fruit. Occasionally, I make carrot muffins, sweet potato pancakes or porridge fingers as a treat (all sugar free) plus they are easy to eat when out and about as well!

Yet another aspect of our lives which took over the first year. Up until 6 months, sleep wasn’t an issue as she would only wake every 3 to 4 hours for a feed but since starting solids and going through leap 5, as dramatic as it sounds, our lives changed forever! I’m not going to go in detail as I’ve already written quite extensively about it here.

I hope I don’t jinx myself but this past month (if she’s not teething of course) has actually been quite better. She’s asleep by 7:30pm and even if she stirs and whimpers a little, a light pat will do, at around 3am a pat won’t do and I know she’s probably hungry then as it’s been 9 hours since her last feed. We’re about to enter leap 8 this week so who knows what turn sleep will take now!

Little A was quite quick to roll but only began crawling at just shy of 11 months. Many people consider her to be a late crawler but I don’t and neither does the health visitor (something we finally agree on!). She was just not interested at all! She knew she could get from one end of the room to the other by rolling so she never bothered. But now that she’s crawling, she’s even quicker than before.

She can pull herself up and stand in the cot and with the help of the baby gate and is always attempting to get onto the sofa, hasn’t managed yet but we’re nearly there.

I now get asked ‘is she walking yet?’ no she’s not and I’m not worried, just like she began crawling, she’ll start walking when she wants too - anyone else tired of the constant questions about their children?

If you’ve been reading my previous posts then you will know that I always refer to Little A as a little lady with a big personality and that’s still very true. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll make it known. If I’m on the phone, she will be as loud as possible to the extent that I can’t hear the person on the other end. We have had tantrums when I have to stop her from getting into danger but they are not intense yet thankfully! Sometimes it honestly feels as if though there is a toddler living inside her! 

Despite all of the above she is such a little princess, I love the way she shows off her love and affection towards others, sometimes she’d just want sit in your lap and cuddle for the longest time possible and at other times runaway from you because she doesn’t want to be held!

She recognises her close relations even if she meets them after a while but that doesn’t mean she will go to them straightaway. If I try to pass her to someone else and if that someone isn’t her Nanna, my Mum, then she will just tighten her grip around me and refuse, even if it’s her Dad! I sometimes have to leave the room so father and daughter can bond on the husband’s day off! 

Little A said her first word at 8.5 months with meaning which was Ammeh (means Mum) and since then we’ve had, mum,
Mama, dad, dada, nana, ok, yesh. She now copies any sounds that we make which is just hilarious! It’s so cute that she changes her tone of voice when she’s talking to her teddies and becomes more high pitched.

Anything else?
She doesn’t like not having her way which is only when she wants something she shouldn’t have or wants to go and hug danger but other than that she rules this household! She absolutely adores books! She has a lovely amount of toys but she just loves her books, turning the pages and just staring at it as if though she’s reading herself.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep her entertained but then there are times she can entertain herself for a very long time and from things that you least expect. The flexi storage basket from Poundland! Which I use as a nappy changing basket so I’ve had to go and get another one especially for her. Her bowl and spoon, pots and pans, the calculator and lets not forget our bedroom blinds and so much more! She loves going out and hated being snowed in last week, she now is able to understand what ‘give it to me’ means and follows the instructions by passing things to me .

Little A peeking outside whilst snowed in.


Wow, that was long! I do get carried away when talking about Little A, I feel like I could add so much more but then we'd all be here forever! I’m new to this so I’m not sure if I’ve covered everything that normally is covered in an update so do let me know! I was thinking the next update should be at 18 months as many consider that to be a milestone or I should start doing monthly updates from now on, or perhaps quarterly? Let me know what you think! 
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