Day in the Life: Saturday Edition

12 November 2018

Thank you to everyone who read my previous Day in the Life of a Working Mum and encouraged me to do a weekend edition. Our Saturday and Sundays are always poles apart so today I present you...

Day in the Life - Saturday Edition


The husband is already up by this time getting ready for work. I try my best to get as much lie in as possible but when it hits 7 - it’s practically impossible to keep Little A entertained whilst laying in bed so her Daddy then gets her dressed whilst I freshen up.


Little A and I have our breakfast and the husband leaves for work.


This is usually a mix up of watching breakfast telly, attempt to make the home tip top, hoovering and washing the dishes whilst at the same time keeping Little A entertained.


I make Little A’s favourite peanut butter sandwiches for her lunch and pack them away as she will need them on our way home from playgroup.

Whilst I do last minute checks that the essentials are in the pram, Little A munches away on some fruit. 


We always try to leave home by this time as it’s a good half an hour walk to playgroup. I use to take the bus but no longer do as I feel this is a great time to get some exercise in. 

Sometimes we end up leaving a little later dependent on last minute nappy changes or just spending the time chasing Little A and convincing her that she needs to wear her coat now!


Totally depending on what time we left home, we usually reach the centre around this time. The session runs from 10am to 12pm and includes a play session with different kind of activities inside and outside, around 11am snacks are served which sometimes Little A will happily sit at the table with the rest of the children or sometimes she just isn’t bothered and prefers to carry on playing.


All of the toys and activities start getting packed away ready for singing and story time.


I put Little A in the pram, give her water to sip and her lunchbox. She will have her lunch in the pram on our walk home. 

I have made the mistake several times in the beginning by not giving her lunch on the go and by the time she would reach home, she’d either have fallen asleep or be too tired to eat. 

Once she finishes eating, she always has a look around then slowly begins to doze off. 


We reach home and Little A is well and truly fast asleep! I quietly open the door and unfasten Little A from the pram and in very slow motion style take off her jacket and shoes to scoop her up, praying she doesn’t wake up. 

I hold her tightly against my chest as that helps to keep her calm and asleep. Then I transfer her into the cot (the only time she will sleep in it!) and hope she stays asleep!

1 to 2-2:30pm

If Little A’s nap is undisturbed (sometimes I may have to stay with her if she’s not well) then this is what you can call my ‘me time’. 

The very first thing I do is have my lunch, or put it in the oven if it needs making. I then put the washing on and sit down to catch up on some telly whilst planning some blogposts (if I’m feeling the inspiration that is) - multi tasking is a must as a Mum! 


Usually by this time, Little A calls out to me and I bring her to the lounge and give her a snack, this would either be some fruit or her favourite Organix goodies.


This is one of my favourite times of the day, Little A and I just sit on the floor and I follow her lead. Sometimes she just wants a cuddle and sometimes she wants to do an activity whether that’s reading, playing with her toys, role play or sensory activities such as colour matching and so on.


Milk time! 

Little A has her cup of milk and I use this opportunity to start prepping for dinner. 

Once she has finished her milk, I try to encourage independent play so I can get on with the cooking - sometimes this is a success and at other times a major flop but that’s just life, eh?


Dinner is served! 

I then let her watch In The Night Garden as that is a must, helps to calm her down before bedtime.


Time for a soak in the bath, Little A loves having a splash, before she didn’t like it but ever since we have added ball pit balls in the bath she loves it.


By this time she is all dried and in her pyjamas and sleeping bag, I then feed her and we have story time and I lay her down, praying she goes to sleep without any fuss. 

If the husband comes home earlier then he does story time with her and get her ready for bed but he’s home anytime between 6 to 8pm so it varies each week!


All being well, Little A falls asleep by this time and I use the rest of the evening to either have my dinner if I couldn’t earlier on. Clean up and do a bit of blog work or watch tv.

But there are days I just stay in bed and be lazy!

9 to 10pm

Depending on how I feel, I switch off for the day and go to sleep!

October Favourites

9 November 2018

I did quite a bit of reading in October which I’m really happy about as previously have felt myself lacking. So here are some of my favourite reads of October.

Jenny never fails to impress me with her posts and this blog couldn’t have come at a better time. It is so important to try and keep yourself organised when you’re managing a blog alongside other life necessities. I found this post very motivational and have already started implementing the advice given and have started to feel the difference within days. So if you’re struggling to keep up with your blog amongst other things then be sure to give this a read.

When you have a baby, all everyone wants to know is when the next one is popping out. Asking someone about when they’re going to have children or go onto have further children is such a personal question and quite frankly not anyone’s business. You don’t know what the couple is going through, you don’t know anything about how they feel about this so why ask? Rachael fantastically writes about her own experience as it really is enough, when will people understand?

Ever thought about yourself before someone else? Ever thought that being ‘selfish’ was a good thing? You must be thinking what on Earth is she talking about! Sometimes being selfish is the best thing you can do for yourself and this blogpost explores the many ways you can help yourself feel better if you’re having a down day.

The blogging community is never far from controversy and one of the things that’s always lingering in the air is imitation. There is no doubt that we are all inspired by one another but how far can you go with that though? Mel greatly explores this issue in her blogpost and it does make you wonder! 

I have great admiration for this girl for sharing something so personal with everyone. I am always advocating how very important it is for people to be open about their feelings and she did just that - through this post, I have no doubt that she has helped out so many people.

It doesn’t take a lot of our energy or strength to be kind and carry out an act of kindness. This post explores the importance of kindness and how we can implement it as it’s not so hard - the minimalist of things can work out be the greatest.

The lovely Bexa marked her 1 year Blogversary last month and she wrote a fabulous post treating us to great advice in the world of blogging. A must read not only because you learn a lot from this but because I admired Bexa being open about few things. As bloggers we tend to sometimes find us following the rules when in reality there are no rules as blogging should be freely the way you want too.


What have been your favourites?
Share with me below!

Our Journey Part Three: Hello Goodbye

15 October 2018

Credit: Pixabay

Snug in my leopard print woolly pyjamas, I could see Doctors gathered around my precious baby. 

‘4lb 4oz’ 

I hear someone say, ‘that’s a good weight at just 32 weeks, we’ll be okay’ I think to myself.

Then all of a suddenly I find myself on the floor in the corner of the room watching them all put my little boy in an incubator and whisk him away.

I woke up with a start on Wednesday 7th October 2015 - I had just dreamt about giving birth at 32 weeks to my son. It was one of those dreams that just felt ever so real. I shook my head dismissing it as I was confident I wasn’t going to have him anytime soon, I was due in December and it was only just October, not possible at all.

I carried on with my everyday normal activities, it was a special day for celebrations, not only was it my brother’s birthday but in fact I had received my certificate for my Masters in Law degree - I couldn’t have been more happier.

Come Friday, I decided that I wanted to stay the night at my parents - I don’t know why but I just had this urge and so I did. I remember watching Watchdog with my dad that night which was all about the safety standards of baby car seats and so I sat there thinking when it would be appropriate to go and buy those big ticket items for my little one.

That night I went to sleep by my mum’s side, I just wanted to be a little girl again, without a worry in the world but in the safe haven of her own parents.

Several times during the night I woke up to go to the toilet as you do when you are heavily pregnant but around 4:30am, I got up and it felt as if though I had wet myself but the sensation was different. 

To my horror, it was my waters and my mucus plug had also come away. This could not be happening. I was only 32 weeks pregnant. It was only October.

I woke my parents up and called the maternity unit who said that I had to come in straightaway. 

Off I went to the hospital with my husband and sister in law in tow, not really knowing what to expect. 

Upon reaching, I had all the usual checks done which confirmed that indeed my waters had broken. I was given the first set of steroids injection to help open up my baby’s lungs as he was going to be premature.

Then the waiting game began.

During the day, I had several baby doctors come to me to see how I was doing and whether I was fully aware of my baby’s condition repeating the fact that now that he’s going to be born prematurely it will make things quite difficult for him after birth.

Despite all the warnings, I decided to keep myself positive. Around 5pm on 9th October - the contractions finally started to kick in as I was shifted to a ward with other pregnant ladies. 

As the hours went by the contractions increased in their intensity. I was given the second set of steroids and had an internal to see how much I was dilated - zilch! Not even in active labour. I heard the doctor talking to the midwife on duty that normally they’d send women home in my situation but obviously they can’t send me home. 

My Mum came along and I asked for another internal after a few more hours as I was pretty sure I’d be dilated considering how intense and horrifying the pain was getting - still nothing.

‘Take some painkillers’ the Doctor suggested, ‘the baby is not coming tonight, you need to rest so you can push in the morning’ 

‘My Baby is coming tonight,’ I told her, I just had that feeling.

‘No he is not, you’re not even 1cm. It’s impossible.’ She rolled her eyes at me and walked away.

I told my mum to go home and rest and come back in the morning whilst my sister in law and husband stayed with me.

It had not even been 15 minutes since my mum had left and all of a suddenly I felt the urge to push - I didn’t think this was possible as I wasn’t even dilated. 

My sister in law called out for the midwife who came running and the look on her face when she pulled the sheets up said it all. She could see my baby’s head. I was fully dilated. She rang the alarm bell and a sea of midwives ran towards me, some telling me to breathe and not to push yet, others frantically calling the delivery suite to see if there was a room available and some preparing sheets in case I had to end up giving birth right here on the labour ward amongst all these strangers.

‘Call Mum back,’ I ordered my sister in law as when you’re in pain or going through some thing so life changing all you want is your mummy no matter how old you are.

Finally, the delivery suite gave the midwives a green light and I was now being wheeled to the delivery suite, it really felt like a scene out of a movie. My Mum met me in the delivery room and I can’t remember how long later and he was out as everything just happened so quickly.

He didn’t cry, just made a cackling sound. They placed him on me and for a moment I completely forgot that we had only just stepped into the danger zone. The cord was cut and they took him to the other side of the room to do the checks, I could see the doctors shaking their heads at each other and then it hit me.

‘4lb 4oz’ 

One of the doctor weighing him said.

That’s a good weight, I thought to myself.

One of them came up to me and explained that his oxygen levels are not satisfactory enough and it’s best we should just hold him and spend time with him, however much time he had left.

‘If I feed him will that make him better?’ I naively asked to which the doctor shook his head. ‘Please do something, please save him, I beg you’ I begged them through tears. 

The following decision was the most the difficult decision I have ever had to make in my life. All I wanted to do was just hold my little baby, cuddle him and just not let go but another part of me kept screaming ‘what if?’ What if they did try to help him and were successful?

The decision was made.

They got the incubator ready to shift him to the neonatal intensive care unit and gave him to me to hold. As I took hold of him, he opened his eyes and looked up at me. He really was the spitting image of his Daddy. 

We kissed and cuddled him and with a great big heavy heart handed him over to the doctors and I watched them place him in the incubator and whisk him away from me. My husband and brother went along with them whilst my mum and sister in law stayed with me as I needed stitches.

I finally made my way to the neonatal unit but by that time, he had gone. I took him into my arms and held him ever so tight wondering why did it have to be this way - I looked down at my clothes, I was wearing the same leopard PJs I was wearing in the dream. 

We all wish to achieve our dreams, for them to come true. However, that was one of those dreams that I never wanted to come true but it did. 


Aahil was born on Saturday 10th October 2015 at 00:58am weighing 4lb 4oz and lived for a total of an hour and ten minutes.

I have written a letter to him this year which is up on the blog now.

Tonight is Wave of Light at 7pm - please do light a candle and let it burn for an hour in remembrance of all those precious babies gone too soon.

Thank you for joining me on this journey which began in April this year, I really appreciate your love and support.

With Love, Mummy - A Letter to my Angel

8 October 2018

Never did I ever think that I’d be writing a letter to someone living in heart. But here I am.

I cannot believe it has actually been three years since the last time I got to hold you, I remember those exact moments when you were born, when you opened your eyes in my arms proving all the doctors wrong that had said you wouldn’t even survive childbirth.

October 10th will always be a bittersweet day for me, it’s when you made me a mother for the very first time but left a great big unfixable hole in my heart. 

How I wish everyday that you could have stayed. We would have created so many wonderful memories together, your first taste of solids, your first trip to the park, your first steps.. these are just a few of those things that I can only imagine how they would have been and have nothing physical to cherish.

Despite bearing the unfortunate news of your poorly little heart throughout my pregnancy with you, I can still say that I really enjoyed my time with you. The bond that we created in just 32 weeks is something that I can proudly smile upon, I never really knew that it was possible to love someone so much who you’d never actually met until you entered our lives for the very first time on Good Friday. 

You became my strength from the very first moment I knew you were cooking away inside of me. I remember being in the middle of my masters at university and everyone worrying about how I was going to manage but I always knew that you were going to be my motivation and you really were.

You kept me company on those late quiet nights as I typed away for my dissertation, in fact I believe you were a great helping hand on me finishing it on time. I never wanted to get side tracked and for people to say that I lost my concentration because of you and you made sure I didn’t!

I didn’t want to attend my graduation ceremony which was just a month after you grew your angel wings. It was one of the difficult moments seeing everyone else in their element having the time of their lives and all I could think of was how this day would have been so different if you were here with me. But you know what? When I walked across that stage, that smile on my face was genuine and that was because of you - I reminded myself that you must be watching over me. I hope you were  proud of me!

Thank you for sending down your little sister to take care of me - I cannot wait until she’s old enough to understand so I can talk to her about you. I know you are up there probably having a laugh whenever she sends me running round in circles and smiling away at her cheekiness. Whenever I look at her, I always wonder how you’re personality would have developed, how you would have been.. 

Although you were indeed an unexpected surprise for us, I am so very glad that I became pregnant with you at that time because it really was meant to be that way.

I am glad I got to hold you in my arms even if it was for less than a minute or so. I just want to let you know that I never wanted to let you go, I never wanted them to take you away, it was the most difficult decision that I ever had to make.

The Doctors were convinced you were not meant for this Earth but I didn’t want them to give up on you so easily. I didn’t want to be selfish and keep you with me and for them not to try and save you.

Just know that it was a very hard decision for your mummy.

But I am so very proud of you - you proved everyone wrong, when the Consultant told me at our meeting afterwards that you lived for an hour and ten minutes, I couldn’t have been more proud.

You proved them all wrong, you really did, you will always be my little fighter. I am happy that it was you who made me a mother, I am proud to call you my son. 

Happy 3rd Birthday, Aahil, my little prince. Hope you’re having a fabulous party up there and don’t forget to save me a slice of your cake for when I get to hold you again.

Lots of Love,


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness

5 October 2018

Credit: Google

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. 1 in 4 women have to face the tragedy of losing their child whether that’s to a miscarriage, still birth or infant loss.

Unfortunately, despite it being the 21st century, many bereaved parents find themselves incredibly alone and isolated at a time when they require the most support from those around them. 

It is hard to believe but true that bereaved parents become the victims of judgement and assumptions - it is purely because of this that we find ourselves hiding from the rest of the world and locking our feelings away, how is that healthy?

Why has it become so difficult to talk about this? Why do we need a month to help recognise our forever bleeding wounds? What I personally experienced after losing my son I know many parents every single day have to heartbreakingly go through and it really shouldn’t be that way.

Despite having a good support network around me, I had never ever felt so alone in my life. All I ever wanted was acknowledgement which I have got eventually but it was needed at that time. I honestly don’t blame anyone because sadly this is something that everyone tries to avoid to talk about to each other, it’s something that is just avoided at all costs until you come face to face with it yourselves and you are left with no choice at all. 

But the truth is.. 

We are still parents, we still deserve that recognition, we should be able to talk about our Angels as much as we want without the fear of being judged - is it too much to ask?

Why not help break the silence? 

Maybe just for once say nothing at all just be a listening ear? Many people end up saying the wrong thing to bereaved parents thinking that they are actually helping. Perhaps just a ‘I’m here for you’ can make a world of a difference.

Even though I am 1 in 4 - I am certainly not just a statistic or a number I am in fact a human being with a forever broken heart. 

October 9th to 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week with a global Wave of Light at 7pm on 15th October - all you have to do is light a candle in honour of all those precious babies gone too soon and share it with everyone to show your support.

Let’s help break the silence once and for all! 

September Favourites

1 October 2018

This year is seemingly flying away like a concord jet - I really cannot believe we are finally in Autumn! And I am so very glad! Here are some of my favourite reads of September, I hope you take the time out to give them a read and enjoy them as much as I did!

My Blogging Journey (And Where I Hope to Go From Here) by Jenny in Neverland

One of the most inspirational posts that I came across in September. The lovely Jenny’s blogging journey. She writes about how she began and how far she’s come - posts like these not only inspire me but also show that if you do what you love, if you pursue your passions - things can work out for the best.

Nancy has written about how important it is to take time out for our own selves and how valuable it is how and what we choose to do with that time. Personally, I find myself guilty for not practising self care like I said that I would but it’s posts like these that do help me to think about what I’m actually doing and how I should improve.

Such a thought provoking post by the lovely Jess. Motherhood admittedly can be a time of great joy but at the same time lonely too and many are afraid to admit this with the fear of being judged. Jess shares her own experience and also valuable tips for mums to help them.

Blogging is becoming a full fledged career with many lovely bloggers pursuing it full time. Jade writes an incredibly honest post about her journey and how she feels about her work and herself as a writer. There’s a lot of emphasis in the blogging world of what ‘blogger’ does and the ‘importance’ of socialising and attending events but is that really a necessity?

I just love posts on how to decorate your home just to get ideas on how to shape my own home. Louise has written and shared some fabulous trends that will make your home oh so cosy this Autumn.


Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

21 September 2018

Wilde Like Me by Lousie Pentland


‘Does anyone else out there feel like me?’

Robin Wilde is an awesome single Mum. She’s great at her job. Her best friend Lacey and bonkers Auntie Kath love her and Little Lyla Blue to the moon and back. From the outside, everything looks just fine.

But Robin has a secret.

Behind the mask she carefully applies everyday, things sometimes feel... grey. And lonely.

After 4 years (and 2 months and 24 days) of single-Mum-dom, Robin realised its time to get out there and Change. Her. Life! 

A little courage and creativity go a long way, and exciting new opportunities are soon on the horizon - maybe a man, maybe the chance of a lifetime...

Robin Wilde is about to embark on quite an adventure...’ - Credit: Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland


Where do I begin? It’s going to be difficult writing this review without giving too much away but if I had to describe it in one word.. that word would definitely have to be amazing!

There was never a moment where I had to force myself to continue. Wilde Like Me is that book you just have to read and read until you reach the end. I had it by my pillow so I could have a read first thing the morning, it would be there waiting on my kitchen worktop whilst cooking, it literally went everywhere with me!

Robin Wilde is a single mum of one and this book is about her day to day life and how she overcomes hurdles and makes changes that literally turn into an adventure. You don’t have to be a single mum, or even a mum to find this book amusing and relatable. 

Robin embarks on a journey that potentially changes her life. She stumbles upon someone she thinks ‘this is it’ but is it though? Little does she know that her life is going to change, she’s going to find new meaning, a new stronger woman emerges from her ready to conquer the world.

She’s faced with life changing decisions and most importantly, the decision to stand up for herself, stand up for how she feels rather than let someone else dictate how she feels and who she is.

Best thing about it: How relatable it was! I don’t think I can say that word enough already but it’s true. Every page, every scene, I was literally thinking to myself ‘oh yes, that’s exactly how I feel...’ it was so refreshing to read something different - the wonderfully way it was written helped the story to flow very smoothly.

It was not only humorous at times but there were moments where you’d feel your pulse rate rushing to a whole new level thinking about what’s going to happen next.

I felt every emotion that Robin felt, when she was happy, I was happy, when she was sad, I was sad and have lumps form in my throat. 

I didn’t think a book could have such an impact but it did and I am really glad that I chose Wilde Like Me to be the first book I read after my break. Louise Pentland has created a whole world that was already known but hidden inside of us. Robin Wilde is me, Robin Wilde is you - she’s all of us.

This novel has to be one of the most empowering thought provoking and yes relatable (I said it again) novel I have ever read.

I cannot wait to tuck into its sequel Wilde About The Girl!


Have you read Wilde Like Me? 

       What did you think?

Raising a Bilingual Baby

17 September 2018

BILINGUALISM; (of a person) able to use two languages equally well, or (of a thing) using or involving two languages - the Cambridge dictionary. 

When you have a baby, one of the things you think about is their first word and when will they be able to communicate with you verbally. 

It is said that it is so very important for you to talk to your child from day one - even if you think they don’t understand. This is meant to help with baby’s development regarding their hearing and helping them to find their own voice.

Little A is being raised with two different languages, English and Urdu, although technically there will be a third language (mother tongue Punjabi) used around her but not directly spoken to her. I have had so many comments from people either that I’m going to end up confusing my child and that I should just choose the one language. 

But I’ve also had comments from people who are just fascinated by this and think it’s a brilliant idea. 

I decided to speak to Little A in both languages from day one. I don’t pick and choose when I speak English or Urdu, it just happens naturally. 

I have always heard that children under the age of ten, especially little children are able to pick up another language quite easily compared to adults and it’s amazing how I am seeing this come true right before my own eyes.

At 8 months old, Little A said her first proper word that actually had meaning behind it and wasn’t just her making a sound. She called me ‘Ammi’ to get my attention. Ammi means Mummy in Urdu - although I have never directly said the word to her myself, I kept repeating Mumma or Mummy to her, I believe she picked up on Ammi hearing me call my own mother that.

But the beautiful thing is that now she not only calls me Ammi but Mummy too.

It’s been a couple of weeks now that I have come to noticed that if I give her an instruction in English and she follows it, more than half an hour later or so or even half a day later if I say the same thing to her again but in Urdu she still understands. 

Despite negative comments coming forth, I am adamant on speaking both languages to Little A because each to their own but I’m of the personal opinion (please note, this is an opinion) that if you are able to teach another language to your child then why not go for it?

After all, at school we get drowned in language lessons for a reason right?

I don’t think raising a Bilingual Baby is going to cause any confusion but is actually going to help her sense of understanding of phonics. 

After all, my parents spoke two languages to me at the same time and I turned out fine (I hope) in fact I happily and proudly put on my CV and personal statements that I can speak more than one language fluently.

I remember doing my GCSE Urdu in year 7 and getting that first ever A was the very first thing I was proud of, let me make it clear, speaking Urdu growing up was a breeze but reading and writing a total different alphabet was just a whole different story altogether.

I’ll forever be grateful to my parents for deciding to go ahead with raising me with more than just English because l have cousins who question their own parents why they weren’t introduced to their mother tongue and I don’t want Little A to ask me when she’s older.

Raising a bilingual baby doesn’t effectively mean directly teaching your child a different language in cases where more than one language is spoken at home, it comes naturally, like I said I don’t pick and choose, it’s impossible.

If Little A grows up and wants to give just one language the preference then that’s totally up to her, I just want to her to have the options and that might mean throwing both English and Urdu out of the window and embracing Welsh or any other language for that matter!

It’s Not a Fairytale

14 September 2018

5 years ago today, the husband and I made it official (yes we have two anniversaries, 14th September, our Islamic wedding when we made it legal and 24th August - the big wedding do). 

These past years have indeed been quite of a rollercoaster ride, we had so many reasons to smile over but a lot of reasons to shed tears for.

Our relationship has been tested many times to the extent I admit, over the years, I have found myself wondering is it even worth it.

When our son passed away, our relationship took the turn for the worst. We were both grieving but in our own ways, he didn’t want to talk about it and just wanted to pretend like everything’s ok whereas I was and am the opposite, I prefer to talk about it, I wanted to talk about our son to everyone and expected that at least my husband would understand but at the time there was no response from him, I felt so alone. 

He closed himself up to the extent he refused to have any keepsakes or photos of our precious little boy around the home, which broke my heart even more. 

He was grieving, this was his way of grieving but I didn’t understand because all I ever wanted was acknowledgement that I was still a Mum but I didn’t get that.

We eventually got through this and he opened up one day and I realised that he was hurting too, of course he was, why wouldn’t he be? But I guess at the time we were both so vulnerable, we both just didn’t know how to react to each other that lead to us drifting apart rather than becoming even closer.

Throughout the years, I have found our relationship to be strange. One minute we can be the most loving couple the world has ever seen and the next we might be bickering with each other like two kids fighting over who drank the last of the chocolate milkshake in the fridge.

That being said, we’ve had so many moments, memories that we’ve created and cherished.

Whatever’s happened in the past few years doesn’t negate the fact that he is my rock, he helped me, he worked around the clock to make things work so I could stay at home with our daughter for the first year of her life and that’s only just a little snippet. 

There’s been smiles, there’s been laughter, there’s been tears, there’s been heartbreak, but most importantly there’s been friendship. 

I think that in every relationship, whether that’s with your spouse or someone else - friendship is the key because marriage is not a land of fairytales at all, it’s a journey with a lot of hurdles that you have to get through together, you’ve got to remember them vows, the promise to always take care of each other. 

Yesterday may be have been cloudy and today rainy but tomorrow your rainbow may start to beam through. 

These past 5 years have no doubt been adventurous but it perhaps has made us that a little bit stronger because phew I should receive some sort of a medal for sticking right? Just kidding, we’ll spare one for him too, on a serious note though we have already got a reward in the face of our beautiful rainbow daughter. 

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