#DearDaughter Guest Series

28 February 2018

In celebration of Little A turning 1, I am introducing the first ever Guest series on The Mum Affairs!

Please welcome the #DearDaughter series! Whether you are a parent or even an expectant parent of a daughter then this is for you!

Write an open letter to your daughters and share with the world your bundles of feelings! Is there something you’d like to tell them? Some sort of advice for the future or just how you feel? From time to time, I will also be participating in this series, you can read my first instalment here.

This is an open guest series so there is no deadline at all! But I would love to know if you’re interested!

Once you have written your #DearDaughter letter, please email me: themumaffairs@outlook.com not only with the letter but links to your blog and social media as well. The guest posts will be posted every Wednesday.

I look forward to reading them and I’m sure everyone else does too! 

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