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9 February 2018

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Well I really was not expecting this! In just a month being nominated for my second blogging award! A great big thank you to the lovely Jemma for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Be sure to check out Jemma’s blog and her YouTube channel - go and subscribe now!

 So what’s the Versatile Blogger Award all about?

 You need to write 7 interesting facts about yourself and then nominate 15 other bloggers!

 So without further ado, what’s so interesting about me?

 1. I got run over by a car at 9 years old, Saturday May 11th 2002 at 5pm to be exact and I didn’t break any bones!

2. In my early teens I was obsessed with writing fanfictions which included Twilight, Spooks and yes The Jonas Brothers (runs away!).

 3. My actual inspiration to start a parenting blog are vloggers on YouTube - I thought to myself ‘I can do this too!’ But not behind the camera but from behind my keyboard instead!

4. I am a Law graduate with a Masters in Law as well and hope to achieve a PhD in Law someday too.

5. The Mum Affairs isn’t my first blog, I started one a couple of years ago about law and politics, it didn’t have much success because I wasn’t on any social media, I had no idea that was a must!

 6. What feels like many years ago, I started writing a novel, had written around 15 chapters and it all got lost and I still haven’t gotten over it. Do I plan on going back to it? I don’t know. I’m not that same person anymore who wrote those words so I guess trying to rewrite and continuing it wouldn’t do it any justice.

 7. I use to be really shy at school, not when approaching or talking to peers but I was that girl who would want to participate in class discussions or answer a question but either I’d think a million times over before raising my hand or not say anything at all - thankfully as the years went by, I got over this  and became a bit  more vocal during lessons.

 I now nominate: 

Malorie from Maloreads
Stephanie Vivienne 
Daddy Poppins 
Rachel from Ordinary Hopes  
Dawn from Rhyming with Wine
 Jess from Jess in Wonderland
Lena Dee
Another Little Birdie
Maud from My Passion Projects
Emily from Babies and Beauty
Jasmin from The Little Things With Jassy
 Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine
Natalie from Mum in Brum
Bethany from Mama Finds Her Way
Grianne Kelly from Mother Almost Never Knows Best


Let’s have some fun and when you leave your thoughts below write at least one interesting fact about yourself too!
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. A law graduate! Wow! That must have been intense! I always find it strange when I look back on earlier things I've written as I think we do evolve and change over time. The idea is still there though and I'm sure it will come back to you when the time is right for your book's happy ever after! An interesting thing about me... hmm tricky. In real life I tell people I'm a blogger but that won't cut it here I guess haha. I used to be a cruise specialist and as part of my job I flew out to test out new cruise ships as they launched. I drank a lot of champagne! Never really did understand why I left that job but hey? Thanks So much for the tag lovely 😘 x

    1. It was definitely intense! Wow! A cruise specialist! Sounds like an amazing job! Thanks for coming over x

  2. Really interesting facts huni! How did you not break any bones from being run over ��. Must have been traumatic though?

    I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it must have felt to have lost all your hard work with your novel. I’m sorry that happened.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jemma x

    1. I don’t understand either how I didn’t break a bone, but yes very traumatic, I still clearly remember it even now, what I was wearing, colour of the car, everything. Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Wow! You are so clever! I think I would be heartbroken if I lost all that writing and I am not sure I could ever get over it... Interesting fact about me? I used to be a doctor... Other than that I am pretty dull ��

    1. I’m really not! Haha. I don’t think you’re dull at all! That’s amazing you were a doctor, I did dream one time of becoming one but knew I wouldn’t be able to! Thanks for stopping by x

  4. Hi Soffy, thanks for nominating me - that's so sweet!
    I used to be really shy at school too, now I'm a teacher & make sure to not upset or force shy students to speak.

    1. These are exactly my thoughts, I wouldn’t force anyone especially if it’s clear that they are just shy. Thanks for stopping by x


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