February Favourites

2 March 2018

It only feels like yesterday I was writing my January Favourites post! January definitely felt like a year compared to February. So I am back with my favourites, for those of you who don't know, every month I do a favourites post of 10 posts that I read in the month which really captured my attention. If I could I would add all of the posts that I came across so shortlisting to 10 (not in any order) has again been hard work.

You will find the links to the posts in the title, links to the blogger's twitter next to their name and their blogs at the end of this post.

So without further ado, lets proceed!

Credit: Wendy

When I first came across this post, it really did open my eyes. Social media has both its pros and cons especially when it comes to parenting, I guess it just depends on what you are searching for. Wendy courageously shares an experience that lead to social media effecting her mental health negatively - no body gives this a thought that our lives is so integrated online that it doesn’t have to be something around us that triggers these feelings but stories we read online. This is a must read because it addresses an issue that is hardly spoken about and should be highlighted more.

I remember reading this and my eyes welling up, you might think I’m being cheesy but hey I couldn’t help it! This year I celebrated my 1st Valentines with my daughter and to read Alice’s letter to Dee was just like the sweet icing on the cake - when we think of Valentines one normally may think of love and romance with your other halves but when you become a parent the love for your child is indescribable and worth acknowledging and I found this to be such a beautiful read and I know that you will too!

I am on the verge of facing toddlerhood and this turned out to be a great read! Children are amazing, especially in their toddler years and by amazing I actually mean intelligent little beings who know how to control you! Kelly-Anne lists and goes through the 9 rules which toddlers abide by, those rules which I guess as parents we would love for them to break! If you want an insight on how it’s like to parent a toddler or you’re looking for a reason to smile about then be sure to give this a read.

At some point in our lives we ourselves or someone around us may experience an unexpected pregnancy. Lucy beautifully addresses this issue. Yes, it’s an issue because when a woman becomes pregnant everyone automatically assumes it’s all singing and dancing now when for some if not most that isn’t the case. A pregnancy can be very difficult for your mental health when you weren’t expecting it. Do give this very thoughtful piece a read as it opens up closed doors.

When Saira wrote TMI in the post title, she really did mean it! And I’m glad she wrote this piece as whether one wants to admit or not these thoughts do linger around in a pregnant woman’s mind even if for some it’s for a millisecond, they do! Pregnancy not only means giving birth to a new life but for us women it means a big change for our bodies and mind too. Saira rightfully lists the thoughts that every Mum to be has, even if you’re not pregnant do give it a read as you’ll be able to sympathise with a pregnant loved one and that makes a lot of difference!

When I saw a tweet about this post, I was instantly attracted. Who doesn’t want to save money? I know I do! This was a very interesting and actually quite a motivational read. One might think what kind of scrap would you end up eating just for £2 a day but it’s actually not scrap at all because if that’s what you think then you’re in for a surprise! Go give this a read and challenge yourself! Can you survive on £2 a day? 

Ever since joining the blogging world, I have read many posts that reiterate the same message - bloggers shouldn’t review a product for free. So coming across Charlotte’s post, it felt like a breath of fresh air. What’s wrong with working for free? Charlotte points out the many benefits of not turning down a project that doesn’t have money involved. Have you ever considered working for free? Are you against it? Whichever end you’re at, this is a must read and it might even change the way you think!

Well you can never go wrong with Bexa! As a new blogger I am always on the look for posts that can help me expand and spread my blog. Being new to social media, I am always wondering what platform I can and should be using and how. Bexa early outlines the important social media platforms that can help you and how you can utilise them, this is not only a must read for new bloggers but even those who have been blogging for a long time.

I think this is a question that everyone, once in a while, asks themselves whether or not they share too much of their lives on social media. Gemma wonderfully addresses this topic by talking about the pros and cons of it all and how it effects her choices. This is an important read as it makes you wonder about your own choices. Have you ever wondered about this yourselves? Does it worry you? 

I fell in love with this immediately just by reading the title. How many of us have written a love letter to ourselves? From time to time, it is important to tell ourselves how amazing we are and Kate does exactly that. It doesn’t make you arrogant or vain, it helps boost your confidence because you matter and are important. I found this letter really inspiring and will be doing the same sometime in the future too, have a read and think about how you feel.



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  1. Aw babe thank you so so much for this feature ! You have definitely got some amazing posts ... I will give them a read ! Especially all the mum/parent ones - they'll come in handy. Thanks again lovely - made my night ! Oh and I'm glad you enjoyed the post haha!

    sairasays.co.uk xx

    1. You’re welcome! Hope you do find my posts useful xx

  2. Great round up and thanks so much for including my poem and your very kind words :) I'm glad it resonated with you <3

    1. You’re welcome, thanks for writing something so beautiful xx

  3. Thank you so much for including my post Soffy! There are so many interesting and inspirational posts here, I’m going to enjoy reading these! Thank you for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. You’re welcome! You’ll definitely enjoy reading them xx

  4. Thabo you so much for including my post on your roundup. There are a few here that I haven't read yet so I'm popping over for a read now :)


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