It Really Was a Good Friday 3 Years Ago - Our Journey Part One

30 March 2018

2015 did not pan out the way I had planned it too. It was both a year of gain and losses for me, beginning with the loss of my beloved Grandfather in January to pneumonia which I had thought would be the only loss that I would have to suffer from for many years to come but clearly I was wrong.

I had always wanted children but never planned to embark on this journey at that particular point in my life as I was in the middle of doing my Masters degree so the thought of Motherhood was just a distant wish.

March came and went and I had fallen ill. I had been feeling overly exhausted, getting out of breath easily but had put it down to not eating well enough. I then ended up with an awful cold and cough, became bed ridden on the long Easter weekend that it slipped from my mind that Aunt Flow hadn’t come to visit but when I did remember I just put it down to me being ill.

I remember clearly as if it was just yesterday, April 3rd 2015, Good Friday.

My Dad urged me to go to the Polyclinic and get checked out as I had began to show signs of pneumonia and having already had a loss to it, we just didn’t want to take any risks.

So off the husband and I went to the clinic and as expected on a bank holiday when everyone just seems to have fallen sick together, it was packed to the brim with so many people. We waited and waited for our turn and finally were seen, the outcome of this was they couldn’t send me straight home as my pulse rate was abnormally high so I had to go to A&E.

Whilst waiting for our ride, I called my Mum and explained to her what was going on and the first sentence out of her mouth was ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just pregnant’.

Mother’s intuition, eh?

At A&E, I was sent straight to Majors, which at the time, I didn’t understand because I ‘only’ had a cold. We were soon then seen and the first thing I said to the lovely nurse was ‘I’m late,’ he then asked if I wanted a pregnancy test done for which I obviously opted for.

So there I am lying on the hospital bed, with needles taped to my wrist and being given fluids via a drip, still not expecting for the result to come back positive.

‘I don’t know if this is good or bad news...’ the nurse came back and began to say, ‘but it’s positive, you’re pregnant.’

You would have thought that my world must have came crashing down on me with this news, that I started to panic as I just wasn’t ready for this, I was at university studying, how on earth was this possible. But none of that happened.

My world didn’t come crashing down and I didn’t panic, right there on the spot I decided that I was going to let this life inside me become my key motivator in helping me to study with more dedication and achieve the best grades possible and that’s exactly what I did.

The Mother in me was born on that day for the first time but unfortunately this mother was really naive and truly believed that nothing could go wrong with her now.

Despite what the future, at that time, was holding for us - it well and truly was a Good Friday.


Thank you for reading, it really does mean a lot to me. This topic is difficult to write but despite the difficulty I still want to share my journey with everyone as when I started this blog I knew that one thing that I wanted to do was help break the taboo around #BabyLoss. I want to share my story so others know that it’s okay to talk about it.

I have decided to share my journey with you all in parts as I don’t want to rush this. I am going to be telling this story over the course of time he was with us, from the day we found out about him to the day he grew his angel wings. Thank you for joining me on this journey.


  1. I remember this Easter weekend too... Obviously I'm no expert but I think it's good to remember and celebrate the happy moments as well as mourn the sad. Love and support to you this Easter.

  2. Well done for sharing your story, I can't imagine how hard it was for you to write down and share with everyone #blogcrush

  3. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I really think you’re brave for stepping forth and talking about your experience. Even if things don’t go as planned, you face new things and power to you for continuing to be strong!

  4. It’s nice to remember a happy occasion, it must have been a very memorable day. Well done for sharing your story and doing it your own way at your own pace. I’m sure your experiences will help others out there. Keep up the great blog Soffy 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  5. Thank you for being brave and sharing your experience ❤ you're a wonderful mother and as hard as it must be to talk about, it'll only make you stronger and encourage others to open up too which I think is very admirable. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend with your family and I'm looking forward to reading more about your story 😘

    Jessica xo |

  6. What a lovely idea to share the story in sync with the actual ideas, but I imagine it must be very difficult to relive all of those moments again. Thank you for sharing your story and I await the next installment. #blogcrush

  7. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your story! Writing sure does ease the soul! I look forward to reading more! #globalblogging


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