Things No one Tells You About Parenthood

19 March 2018

No matter how prepared you think you are, no matter how many books you read or carry out research, there is nothing that prepares you for what’s coming towards your way because no one ever tells you the true inside story of Parenthood.

Here are a few things that I’ve come across in the past year that no one told me about. 
This may not be true for everyone but if you have been reading my previous posts then you are well aware of our struggles with sleep. I was under the impression that newborn days are the worst but they were a bliss compared to now and how it’s been for the past 6+ months. We have had good days and very bad days but it’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster and I haven’t had a good full night’s sleep since I was in my second trimester all the way back in 2016!

The only time I am able to have warm food    is on a Sunday when the husband is home or if I am at my Mum’s. If it’s just me and Little A it’s cold food and cold tea. Sometimes, the thought to rewarm your meal comes to mind but then you think about the time it’s going to take and you might as well just eat it as you may not get a chance to at all. 
I had thought I was the one with crazy amount of things but clearly I was wrong. Who knew someone so teeny could take up the most, if not all of your living space. An example being, our front room is literally a playroom, we have to be careful where we may tread as we may come in the way of a toy that’s being thrown about from the across the room.
You go shopping to buy your essentials or perhaps something for yourself for a change but you find yourself spending endless amount of time in the baby and children aisles cooing over the new arrivals and filling your shopping basket with clothes for your child you didn’t even really need for them.

By the time you realise why you had actually made the effort to come here in the first place, your little human in the pram is so cranky, on the brink of tears, you don’t bother with anything else so you quickly pay and run home.

Gone are the days where you use to feel sorry for yourself whenever you ended up with a bunged nose and a fever. Now no matter how much you want to stay in bed, you have to get up and make some effort for that little helpless human you are responsible for. Now you’ll find yourself in the kitchen, with a mask over your mouth and nose to shield those germs, making breakfast along with singing and dancing to keep the little one entertained with of course added remix of sneezes.

(I have to admit, I ended up escaping to my Mum’s home for the whole week until I got better... but that didn’t mean getting to stay in bed as at many times, Little A only wanted mummy!).

The gush of emotions you feel for your little human, you do get warned about it, but you can never truly know until you’re able to feel it yourself. How is it possible to love someone so much? As cheesy as it may sound, the love for a child is absolutely unmeasurable and indescribable. Before stepping into parenthood, you don't ever give any thought to a love like this, yes you probably love your partner and other family members too but a love for a child is something else altogether.

Despite the lack of sleep, the self pity, warm food, space and shopping for yourself - I believe Parenthood is the best thing I have ever experienced and I am so glad to be a part of it because that’s the beauty of Parenting! 


Is there anything that you’d like to add to the list of things no one tells you about parenting? If so, please share in the comments below!


  1. I think there's plenty of self pity still, just a different type - the 'I'm so tired', 'it's so difficult' and all those things that everyone else feels they can't complain about, but with kids everyone gives you a free pass....#Dreamteam

  2. That love is the best thing about parenthood - it helps make all the sleep deprivation, cold dinners and challenging moments worthwhile. The lack of decent sleep is the worst thing for me - nothing on earth can prepare you for it, and it makes you realise why depriving someone of sleep is used as a method of torture! It's amazing how much stuff little people accumulate too! #bloggerclubuk

  3. For me it was that it's not always as hard as everyone makes out. Maybe because I had an easy child and made the effort to chill out more, or maybe because I was more secure as a person who had achieved difficult things before due to my age, I don't know. But so far, it's been a fairly easy ride for us.

  4. This is so true! Nothing can prepare you for what is coming! Your life as you know it is gone forever ... in a good way of course! :-)

  5. This is all so true we give up so much as parents and things change more than we can imagine but it is that love like no other that makes the trade off all worth it. Thanks for linking up with us at #coolmumclub! x

  6. Yes to all these, I think the best thing I have learnt to is to do a speed clean in 30 mins before someone arrives, making sure all the smelly socks are in the wash bin, lol X #stayclassymama

  7. The tiredness for me is by far the hardest (currently 10 months in with my second non sleeper) I've learnt that I can (just about) function on 3 hours sleep, any less than that I'm a zombie! #blogcrush

  8. My daughter was sleeping through the night at 3 WEEKS and my son at 2.5 months. Sleep is definitely possible. We used the baby whisperer method and the EASY routine. I HIGHLY recommend it. I'm even in the middle of writing my sleep training series. Check it out. Honestly, it will save your life.

  9. All the yes’s to this. And especially about the sleep! Or lack of it that is. I too had been under the impression that the no sleep phase would last for just the newborn months. Wrong!!! I’m still bleary eyed 5 years later. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam - love this!

  10. Oh so true! The silly thing is, I think people do tell you, but you don't really believe them until you're in the thick of it! #BlogCrush


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