Whose Your Superwoman?

9 March 2018

I have always adored the month of March, not because of spring brewing but because for me that only means one thing, hay fever sniffles are just around corner! But due to the dates that are marked.

International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, I hear too many negative things about both days which really do get on my nerves. Comments such as why isn’t there a International Men’s Day? Well, sorry to burst your balloon but there is and it’s 19th November, the only difference is there isn’t much hype around it in the media - there should be acknowledgement on it, I agree, but I do understand why Women’s Day gets more attention - as sad as it may sound but women have endured and been through hell in this world compared to men just for basic human rights - think about that.

What about the negativity around Mother’s Day? The typical line we always hear and I’m sure that I am going to read many WhatsApp statuses this Sunday saying ‘everyday is Mother’s Day’. Well, do you buy your Mother a gift everyday? No. Do you take special time out to spend with your Mother everyday? No! Even if you wanted to you couldn’t because that’s how life is. 

Mothers are whom are under appreciated because no matter how much you show appreciation towards this woman in your life, it will never be enough as I’ve only realised this by becoming a Mother myself. She’s a cleaner, a cook, a personal assistant, an accountant, housekeeper, a teacher and the list can go on forever! 

So rather than pouring rain over these two days, you might as well take some time out and appreciate the Superwomen in your life, be it your Mum, Partner, Daughter, Sister, Friend and or any other female relation. 

When I think of the word Superwoman - three admirable ladies in my everyday life come to mind, my Mum and Sister-in-Law (the husband’s sister) and a special little lady. So what makes them Superwomen?


Well Mum is Mum! Every mother is a Superwoman in my eyes. Growing up, Mum and I have been just like friends, we’d bicker then make up straightaway, do activities together, share literally every little thought with each other and truthfully speaking she is the only person in this world that I would trust Little A with, yes other relations are good with my daughter but I know that my Mum would just be the best. 

Since becoming a Mother myself, I’ve realised that I under appreciate and under value my Mum - but the thing is, it can get difficult because, in my opinion, a thank you or a gift does not reflect the many years of hard work that she’s dedicated to me but with Mums though, no matter how big or small your gesture is, it is always appreciated by them. 

When it’s our birthdays, we think of what we want for it. I made a decision in October 2015 during my labour, whilst facing my first experience of contractions that every year on my birthday I will buy my Mum a gift too - because more than me, she deserves recognition on that day, she did all the hard work, she didn’t need to but she did out of her own choice.

Would you consider treating your Mum on your birthday? 


This woman is literally the prime definition of a Superwoman! I honestly have no idea how on earth does she do it, I wouldn’t be able to manage at all if I were her. 

She has a lot of responsibilities, on top of being a Mum of three, she manages the entire household, runs all her errands of the outside world, takes care of her husband who is not only blind but is now bed ridden due to back problems. She also has a son who is SEN and due to this she has had to fight many battles with doctors, schools and the local authority to receive the support that her son deserves. You may be thinking but she’s only fulfilling her role, nothing special about this at all. 

But guess what?

At the same time, she’s facing her own health problems. I clearly remember her attending a school meeting on crutches and with a dislocated jaw. She could have had the meeting postponed but all she kept repeating was she didn’t want her son’s support to be delayed further. 

Many a times, I have clearly told her to be selfish and not only me but her doctors too, to think about herself before anyone else for once. But I guess it’s in her nature to be selfless and caring, no wonder she’s admired by everyone she meets.

Little A

How can I not include this little lady in my post about Superwomen? She may only be a year old but I definitely see a Superwoman in her already. For someone so small to have such a great influence in your life and who is able to change it for the better - that person, no matter what age, must have superhero qualities, don't you think?

So whose your Superwoman? 
Comment below and let me know who and why!


  1. I love this post Soffy! 💖 Buying your mum a gift on your own birthday is the sweetest gesture, it’s so kind and thoughtful. I’m all for celebrating Mother’s Day as it’s a lovely opportunity to make mums feel a bit more special ☺️. Fab post lovely 💕 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Glad you liked it! I hope my daughter continues my new gesture in the future haha 😂 thanks for popping by x

  2. It infuriates me too, what's wrong with celebrating strong women and appreciating your Mum! I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by my Mum, Nan, Sisters, Niece and very strong friends who are all my superwomen!

    1. With so much sorrow in the world we shouldn’t let these days ever go amiss, any excuse to be happy is always good! Thanks for stopping by x

  3. It's brilliant that you are surrounded by such strong and incredible women in your life Soffy and I think it's beautiful that you recognise your mum and celebrate her on your birthday too. Thank you for sharing this with us at #DreamTeam x.

    1. You get to learn a lot from all of them, thanks for stopping by x

  4. It's great that you have some wonderful females in your life. #BlogCrush

  5. What a lovely idea to buy your mum a gift on your birthday!

    I'm the smme as you - it's only since becoming a mama myself that I can begin to see all the amazing things my mum did for me. I owe her so much. #blogcrush

    1. So true! Everyday is like a reminder for us as to how amazing she is. Thanks for stopping by x


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