How Motherhood Has Changed Me

2 April 2018

I never really thought I could ever change, especially for anyone else other than me. I was that person who always use to chant ‘I’d never change myself for anyone’ or ‘I am who I am’ but little did I know what Motherhood had in store for me.

I actually entered Motherhood in 2015, although some people have the nerve to disagree but that’s just their insensitive opinion. I first found myself changing when my son entered our lives briefly that year. I became more appreciative of life, stopped taking things for granted and began to cherish my relationships around me even more because if it was one thing that particular year had taught me was that life is really unpredictable, you can never guess what’s going to happen in perhaps the next five minutes or so.

Despite having empty arms, I had all those maternal feelings that every mother has, since the day I found out about him. Come 2017, I was given the blessing of now physically being able to hold and take care of my child and what a journey it’s truly been this last year and a bit.

I have transformed into a completely different person, I haven’t lost myself, I still am that same person but the changes are remarkable and something I’m actually happy about.


I am more patient than ever, I think this is something that every parent can relate to. I’m not going to lie, I have my moments where I do sit and wonder for a second why?! But am able to quickly remind myself that the little human in front of me is helpless, doesn’t understand and completely relies on me.

You really do have to befriend patience when you become a parent as without it, you will be completely lost.

However, before Motherhood, I was hardly patient with anyone, I wouldn’t think of reasons like I do now to keep me going, I’d wonder why and just give up already.


Although, I was nearly always an early riser, there were days when I’d just lay in bed for as long as possible. And if I did get out of bed, I’d have my breakfast, cook if need be, binge watch some box sets and not worry about the dirty dishes- I’d say I’ll do them with the lunch dishes.

Oh how things have changed now!

I now don’t sleep past 6am and find myself looking for the first opportunity to tackle the dishes and as soon as Little A is down for her first nap, it means clean, clean, clean and prepare tonight’s dinner already because I don’t know what kind of mood she will be in when she wakes up. She may decide to embrace clingyness and plomp me onto the floor for a good amount of the day so it’s always best to get the chores out of the way.

This has done me so much good despite the lack of sleep. I am so much more productive, by the time she wakes up (on a good day might have a nearly 2 hour nap) everything is done and we can venture out and I don’t have to think about ‘ooh I need to do this and that when we get home,’.

Don’t get me wrong, I do have days when I honestly just cannot be bothered to do anything and I’ll plant myself on the sofa, in front of the TV for the entire time she’s napping, I am human after all! 


Whatever the circumstances, I have found myself now always motivated. If there is a goal to meet and I am feeling lazy or think I can't do this - I just look at Little A and am instantly motivated to strive for the better. I now see her as my bridge to success.


Who needs the gym when you have a baby?! Even if I am at home, I am constantly on the move, whether that’s pretending to be a baby myself and crawling with Little A (she gets so excited!) or running after her to stop her from hugging danger and sprinting to the other room to grab something so quickly for Little A to not notice and start screaming.

I now absolutely love going on walks, I didn’t before. Seeing Little A’s expressions and happiness whenever we are out as she catches a glimpse of something interesting (which is basically everything nowadays) encourages me even more to make an effort, if not for myself but for her and breathe in the fresh air.


I am more social than before, I am not shy anymore. I overcame shyness at University but having a baby it’s really been different. I guess having the little one with you gives you a topic to talk about and not have to adhere to awkward silences.

I attend baby groups (I wish we did this more often though now) and although some groups do meet the stereotype of a typical baby group where mums have already formed groups and don’t let anyone new into their ‘exclusive club’. I have come across wonderful women who I have lovely time chatting too.

If I see a person with a little one out and about, I make sure I give them a smile and this often ends up with us strangers springing up a conversation which lasts a surprising amount of time. Before, I wouldn’t dare talk to a stranger no matter how friendly they’d seem!

We often hear about the slightly negatives of parenthood (mainly lack of sleep) and I myself have touched on these topics many times but I just wanted to put it out there, that there are always two sides to a story, this isn’t just related to being parents but anything that you stumble across in your life which you may not be able to figure out.

I don’t claim to be a know-it-all in the world of parenting because I’m really not, as everyday I am learning, but I really do feel that when need be, you do and can change for the better and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.


Have you experienced any changes for the better in recent years?


  1. I agree with this so much, having a baby drastically changes your life but not for the worse despite how hard it can be at times :)
    I'm a lot healthier and happier with myself since baby Cass came into my life and love talking to other mummys online and in person!
    Love this post, great job as always Soffy ♡

    Jessica xo |

  2. Aww this is such a lovely post Soffy šŸ’–. It sounds like being a mum has brought you so many wonderful opportunities. I especially love how just a smile at a stranger can spark conversation and how you have connected with other mums. This is such a positive post and I really enjoyed reading it ☺️. Thank you for sharing šŸ˜˜ xx

    Bexa |

  3. Aaaw I love this post, Soffy! Becoming a parent has definitely changed me too, and for the better. I think I have become less judgemental of others because my eyes have been opened to how much stuff people can have going on behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing your experiences #blogcrush

  4. Definitely fitter than I ever was and infinitely less selfish.... but exhausted. Always exhausted �� #blogcrush

  5. I love this post. That part about your daughter inspiring you to meet your goals is beautiful. My children are definitely my motivation and they have changed me in so many positive ways. Hugs Lucy xxxx #blogcrush

  6. I feel that same way Soffy! Becoming a parent seems to change so much, even when we very much doubt that it will, it really does. The really structured routine was a bit of a shock :-) And of course patience has to be your new best friend as a parent. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam. We can't wait for you to guest host with us soon! x

  7. Oh yes, patience in spades is needed! And plenty of wine! #DreamTeam


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