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6 April 2018

I'll begin with what you have probably heard and read many times already,'how is it April already?!'. Time really is flying by and compared to previous months, I have done quite a bit of reading in the month of March. I came across so many amazing blogs that I honestly have had a difficult time playing by the rule I set myself of only shortlisting 10 posts. But then I reminded myself, it's my blog so I can do what I want!

So I haven't shortlisted 10 as I normally do, there are 13 instead! So without further ado, lets get started.

In no particular order...

Credit: Mum Muddling Through

Having recently joined the linky party at #coolmumclub, I came across this quite thought provoking post by Mum Muddling Through. She talks about the plight of the First Time Mum and how it’s really like to step into motherhood. I really admired this post because of its honesty as whenever someone has a baby, people instantly think that it’s all happiness and laughter from then on when that’s not true. Have a read of what goes on in the mind of a First Time Mum.

Credit: Nabani Tadhar

Being a Mother to a daughter, I was instantly attracted to the title of this post and it turned out to be a fantastic read. Nabani writes a letter to her daughter of how she plans to nurture her and why being a girl is such a great thing, I think this is a must read for everyone, even if you don’t have a little girl of your own.

The Mother Next Door by Mummy Wales
Credit: Mummy Wales

Now this is a post which really took my breath away. As mothers, whenever we venture out and come across another, it’s no lie that we instantly think about her and how her life is probably like compared to our own. Or we may have a friend who always appears happy and content with her life, but that might not always be the case. Mummy Wales writes this post portraying every mother quite exceptionally making you think that it’s not always how it seems.

Credit: Five in the Hive
This post really resonated with me purely because of my own experience of a heart baby. I really admired Five in the Hive’s answer to questions like ‘how do you cope?’ I think whoever is asked this question, should direct people towards this post as there can be no better answer.

Time really does fly, doesn’t it?! Chloe writes about how times were different when she was a child to now that she has her own child as well as how perceptions have changed throughout the years regarding various subjects. This post really makes you think how times have changed, some for the better and some unfortunately for the worst - what we may know as normal right now might not be in a couple of years time.

 Because Of Him by The Life of a Glasgow Girl
Credit: The Life of a Glasgow Girl

Who says you can’t make progress or you lose yourself when you have a baby? Many people have these assumptions and pass comments on how children perhaps become an obstacle in your way to your own success. Jordanne beautifully responds to these comments - it really depends on you and how you turn a certain situation to your own favour, children, I believe are the way to your success but it depends on if you want it to be!

Credit: Little Hearts Big Love

When you become pregnant, one thing that you just cannot wait for are the scans - so you can finally be able to see your baby wriggling away. Unfortunately, for some, that excitement is short lived and has forever an impact on future pregnancies, no matter how many years apart. Louise shares her experience of scans and why she is unable to get excited.

Credit: 3 Little Buttons

I was having a down day about my blog but as soon as I read this post, I was instantly feeling better. We’re always in the race to perfection, comparing ourselves to the next person that sometimes it becomes overwhelming. Annette shares wonderful quotes that will immediately make you feel better.
Credit: Letters to my Daughter

March marked International Women’s Day and Alice wrote a wonderful post talking about what are the 30 best things about being a woman in 2018. This isn’t your typical list of things, there’s a twist to it, which to be fair I wasn’t expecting the post to go that way but I’m so glad that it did.

Credit: Jade Marie

There was great amount of coverage for the Winter Olympics last month, all over the news, on literally everyone’s feeds but when it came to the Paralympics there was hardly when compared. Unfortunately, it’s always been like this and Jade highlights why the Paralympics are of great importance. Personally,
I’ve always been more interested to watch the Paralympics more than the Olympics as I find them more motivational. What about you?

Credit: Jess in Wonderland

Being a fairly new blogger, I find such posts on reflections of being a blogger and running a blog by someone else an interesting read. Jess highlights what it is really like running a blog and I believe anyone who is considering starting a blog or someone who has doubts about bloggers should be giving this a read a for sure! It’s not always as it seems.

Well, you must have noticed that Lucy features regularly on my favourites and that's because she never fails to amaze me. I wanted to give her a standing ovation when I finished reading this post. She covers a topic which is rarely spoken of, those who you may think have no reason to be sad and depressed can suffer from mental health issues too and when this is shown to the world they are labelled selfish because they 'don't have a reason' to be sad. Well, Lucy quite bravely shares her personal experience to raise awareness.

Credit: The Mummy Bubble

The Mummy Bubble hits a very important issue and that’s the dreaded feeling of loneliness, as a parent. People just don’t expect to hear a Mum call themselves lonely because how is that even possible when you are never alone? Without giving further away, The Mummy Bubble describes the reality of loneliness and gives tips on how you can help yourselves.


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  1. What a fabulous collection of posts! You always write about them in a way that makes me want to read them all. I'm also a big fan of the Paralympics (and I'm loving how the Commonwealth Games on at the moment has the able-bodied and para events on at the same time!). And the post about the mum next door is one of the best parenting blog posts I've read in ages.

    A great round-up and I feel honoured to be listed alongside such brilliant posts. Thank you.

  2. These look like some great posts! I'll have to go through this later and read some of them. Great post!

  3. As a soon to be First Time Mum I found this really helpful & a great insight. I find interesting hearing from different views & perspectives as parenting isn’t a one size fits all type thing & I have been so aware of this. Glad I came across your post

  4. All of these blogs are new to me, so it was a nice surprise to read this post. Thanks for sharing!


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