The Ultimate Bedtime Book!

16 April 2018

I’m kind of wanting to jump with excitement right now but I can’t otherwise this post would be impossible to write. I didn’t think that the first book review on my blog which I would end up doing would be a children’s book but I’ve literally been buzzing to share this with you all.

Back in October 2017, my lovely friends had come to see Little A and brought along some goodies for her and one of them was a book called Touch The Brightest Star by Christie Matheson.

I had been searching for the perfect bedtime book and instantly just by looking at the front cover, I knew it was the one. 

Believe it or not, since October 22nd 2017, we have read this book to Little A at bedtime without fail. Yes, she has other books which we read to her at that time but we always end our bedtime routine with this special one. 

If we’re going away from home, I make sure I have packed this with the rest of her essentials.

Why is it so special?

Christie Matheson has worked wonders through this book - it begins with telling the child that the day is coming to an end and features the magical night but not without leaving the anticipation for the next day.

It sets the scene and mood which is just perfect for bedtime when you’re trying to create a calm atmosphere and winding down (because we all know how important that is!). You must be wondering, what difference does this make as back then Little A must not have understood of course, just a baby.

Well, this one book has helped with her development so much. I’ll give you an example, the instruction ‘press the fire fly..’ without fail I’d start acting it out, showing her that I’m pressing it as well as the other instructions too ‘touch the brightest star you see...’ etc 

Babies soak everything in and this is what Little A was doing, observing, and now it’s been around three months or so I don’t have to show her, I just read the sentence and she does exactly what it says. 

Just imagine my reaction when she did that for the first time! I literally told everyone for weeks and well... still do! 

This is the most perfect book you can read to your child before putting them to bed and it’s not one of them books that children will grow out of or ever get bored of.


Have you read this to your little ones? What is your favourite bedtime book? I’d love for some suggestions to explore!



  1. Aw this looks the cutest book, great review!! My little boy never settles too well at bedtime so we would love to give this a read, it looks such a special keepsake too :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (PS I’m hoping I might be able to entice you to follow each other on bloglovin haha xD)

    1. Hope your little one likes it! Have followed on bloglovin :) thanks for stopping by x

  2. We love reading bedtime stories, it’s somthing which I always look forward to. In fact it’s probably my favourite time of day. Peppa Pig is without a doubt the current favourite in our house but I love the sound of this book, especially as it sounds like it sets the perfect tone for bedtime. Thank you so much for joining #dreamteam, we hope to see you again next week!

  3. Aaaw this sounds like a lovely book - those calm moments just before lights-out are so special. I used to read regularly to my kids from them being just a few days old, and it's amazing how much they take in - they understand far more than we give them credit for! #blogcrush

  4. This sounds like an absolutely beautiful book. We always do a bedtime story, Dougie now chooses what he wants, currently we're alternating between The Hungry Caterpillar and Each Peach Pear Plum, but I love the idea of this book which sounds so lovely and calming, the perfect way to end a day.
    Hels xxx


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