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14 May 2018

Nappy changes in this household meant tears and tantrums so have been that time of the day which I had began to actually dread since Little A became mobile.

She would just not remain still, always flipping over and over, crawling away. As much as I was pleased with this physical development, it would make such a simple task impossible to do. There were times that I could distract her with some things to hold but that hasn’t been the case now for a very long time.

So when I recieved an email from Pampers about launching the #PampersSquad I signed up immediately and hoped to be selected because I was really beginning to lose the #wrigglewrestle as well as my mind!

We finally got the chance to test out the Pampers Active Fit Nappy Pants and boy it’s been a miracle! I’m not even exaggerating when I say that! But I have to admit, I thought the hype around these pants were just a marketing ploy until we tried them ourselves.

These nappy pants have meant that Little A is no longer screaming and kicking me in the face during nappy changes. I have no longer made the mistakes of buttoning up her vest under her original nappies (have done this many times in quite a haste to get the nappy on quickly only to have created a bigger mess for myself!).

If she flips over, I don’t have to put her on her back anymore to put these on as that use to be what really triggered the tears. I can even get her to wear these when she’s standing which she loves to do.

These are basically underpants but with a nappy twist!

To be honest, I was quite wary of using these at night as was scared of leakages, so for the first few nights we kept using the taped original nappies until one day I thought let’s just give it a go and see what happens and well we have not looked back since!

No leaks!

I have sent the husband to go return the jumbo pack of nappies we bought last week and get bundles of the Active Fit Nappy Pants instead because after using these pants with such an ease there is no way I’m going to be using the taped nappies again!

I will be honest, at first I was quite unsure as to how on earth would I manage to get these off of her especially if has done a poop but you can easily tear the sides so it is completely mess free, once you are done you can close and tie the nappy with the blue sticky string attached at the back of the nappy.

But it isn't just the ease of them that has attracted me towards them, it is the fact that they are so comfortable. Well, obviously I haven't worn them of course that I would know how comfortable they are. The stretchy material that fits neatly around Little A's waist nicely gives me the satisfaction that it's not too tight nor too lose and that she's not uncomfortable.

So if you have a baby who has become mobile, I’d highly recommend you give these a go before you eventually start to lose your mind.


Have you won the #wrigglewrestle yet?

*I was sent this product for free as part of #PampersSquad to test out. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Oh yes. They are fantastic! #DreamTeam

  2. Glad to hear you’ve found a product that works!! I can imagine that anything that makes it a little easier and I’m sure lots of people will find this helpful!xx

  3. I never tried these with my kids but I wish I had they sound fabulous! My middle one was the biggest wiggle bottom around and trying to cram her into a nappy was a real workout !
    Great post 😃 I’m glad you have found a resolution to the tears of nappy change time.

    Melanie | www.frasersfunhouse.com

  4. Man I wish they had something like this when my kids were little! Would have save a lot of stress!

  5. Seems like you found a winner! #DreamTeam


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