Little A's 15th Month Update

4 June 2018

I never wrote monthly updates as I wasn’t blogging but decided to dive into this trend when Little A turned 12 months old. You may remember that I decided I would do these updates quarterly rather than monthly so here we are!

How has it already been 3 months since the birthday?!

Well, as usual I have a lot to say but I’ll try not to keep you here forever.

I said I will try, I’m not promising anything!

Little A turned 15 months on 24th May and a lot has happened since February!


If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you most likely are already aware that teething is the bane of our lives. Well, we’ve had the appearance of teeth 5 and 6.. hurrah! And now have number 7 on the way too. I must admit it hasn’t been as bad as previous months but it’s been ‘bearable’ to say the least.


I should bite my tongue really for gloating in the previous update that we have never had any issues with food.

Well, I do a little dance whenever she happily eats. Sometimes she just wants to eat herself and doesn’t want me interfering, fair enough, only meaning that I have more mess to clear. She never has issues with breakfast, it’s nearly always lunch.

She’s obsessed with chapatti, it’s her most favourite thing to have with Greek yoghurt. I try and give her more finger foods now as she is all Miss Independent - it does make me rather emotional though that she doesn’t need me to feed her.


We’re still going strong! Morning, bed time and once at night. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This routine works out well even though I am at work now.

S P E E C H 
We have a speaker! Little A is being raised bilingual so we speak both English and Urdu around her and she amazingly picks up both languages and with meaning too so not just copying. Previously we had 'Mama. dada, nana, ok and yesh' and now we have no, maamu (maternal uncle) and bye with the hand gesture whenever someone gets up, wears a coat or whenever she is put in her pram.

I have to thank the Teletubbies though for teaching her how to wave and say bye! She also loves shutting the door and then says ‘band!’ which means shut in Urdu.

The Teletubbies have also taught her numbers I sometimes hear her say ‘Two...’ when they say ‘one’.

M O B I L I T Y 

She has come leaps and bounds since the last update. She started crawling at 11 months so I wasn’t expecting anything else anytime soon.

Whenever we used to try to help her walk by holding her hands she used to slump herself on the floor but since two weeks she managed to do it and then all of a suddenly stood up and started walking with the aid of her push along walker.

She can now also stand up herself unaided so I have no doubt she’ll take her first steps independently very soon!


Sleep is still hit and miss, last week we had one good night in many months and I got my hopes up unnecessarily. In terms of naps, she has dropped her morning nap and only just has the one nap in the afternoon.

P E R S O N A L I T Y / F A V O U R I T E S

I have always referred her to as a little lady with a big personality and that is still true today. If she wants your attention she knows how to get it, she is the life and soul of any get together. If she doesn't like you then she'll make sure you know. She is very protective of her close loved ones and she absolutely loves to party - put on any kind of music and she'll start dancing right on the spot.

I am back at full time work now and am away from her for around 11 hours or so a day during the weekdays. She is happy at her Grandparents but it has become obvious that she understands what is going on. I am not allowed to leave in front of her or even wear my coat because she gets upset if she sees me leave. If she doesn't see me go then she has no issues.

She still very much prefers her books over toys.


Next update that will come your way will be the 18th month one!
I still cannot believe how quickly she is growing!
Thank you for reading and please don't forget to leave your thoughts below!


  1. Aww our babies are the same age! My son was born in 26th of Feb in 2017. It’s amazing how much they grow in such a short period of time, isn’t it?♥️

  2. How sweet, these updates are great because without them it’s easily filed in file 13. My eldest is 12 now and the details her hazy so it’s a great way to keep track of the little things.

    Thanks for sharing ��


  3. Ah what a little cutie - it sounds like you have a little feisty one on your hands there!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  4. Things can change so much in a short space of time! Love this update and it makes me feel sad that I never documented my children's development like this #coolmumclub


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