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25 June 2018

A long time ago in March the lovely Jess wrote her post The Childhood Tag and suggested to me that I should give this a go too. So here it finally is!

1. What were you not expecting/not prepared for before becoming a parent?

There is absolutely nothing that prepares you for parenthood so there have been quite a few things of which a few things are the lack of sleep which I have extensively blogged about already. The amount of pain your baby goes through during the teething stages - this has been shocking for me, really. But on a positive note, before becoming a parent you do expect to love your child but the amount of limitless love and the passion to do anything for your child, that’s unexpected.

2. What is your main piece of advice for new parents? 
Take each day as it comes and see it as something new. There will be hard days but there will also be good so don’t compare yourself to other parents, your child with another child as we’re all different and that’s what makes us human.

3. How do you encourage family time at home? 

In the evenings, playing together and as Sunday is the only day that we’re able to properly spend as a family together so we make sure to shut the outside world and focus on each other - however that may be, perhaps sitting on the floor playing pass the ball, reading a book together, or going to a park to name a few. Both the husband and I abide by one rule on Sundays which our near and dear are aware, we don't make plans with anyone else - Sundays is family only, to have fun and make lovely memories to cherish and remember.

4. How do you balance being a blogger with parental duties? 
I try to leave everything related to blogging just to times when Little A is asleep. Sometimes that works out sometimes it doesn’t but that’s what I aim for.

5. What was your favourite toy growing up? 
I had so many it’s hard to choose but if I really had to choose then it will have to be my talking Teletubby Poh!

6. Have you kept any of your toys from childhood? 
Yes! Every one of them and as Little A grows she’s gifted them when age appropriate. For her birthday I gifted her my 24 year old talking teletubby, looks and works good as new and she loves it!

7. What are your children's favourite toys? 
Other than her beloved bunny, everything that isn’t actually a toy, be it nappies out of the pack, baby wipes, paper and anything she shouldn’t have. But I do have to give her some credit though, she is absolutely obsessed with books! Definitely, my child.

8. Do you actively limit the amount of screen time your kids have? 

I’ve written a lot about this here - even though I do not encourage screen time for young children, you have to be honest with yourself. To get a household chore completed, to make sure you and your family don’t go to sleep hungry etc you do have to resort to TV, as much as many would hate to admit it, it’s true. But it’s not all the time but just for those moments where you’re unable to do anything to keep the little one happy.

9. How do you reduce plastic waste in your home? - Reusable bottles, buying wooden toys, avoiding excessive food packaging, etc.? 
Recycle everything that can be recycled. Our recycle bin is as big as our rubbish bin and using reusable water bottles and trying to buy food that’s packaging can be recycled. I have to admit though, I have to encourage the husband everyday to put the correct items in the correct bin. Someone please tell him you cannot recycle egg shells!

10. What advice would you give to parents who want to start blogging? 

Don't take it as a pinch of salt, it can be difficult to blog around children so don't put pressure on yourself. See blogging as fun and shape it around your children's routines, that way you are happy as well as your children are.


It's time to tag.... everyone!

What's the one piece of advice you can give to parent bloggers?


  1. I'm not a parent (or planning to be any time soon) but this is a great tag! Some great answers :)


  2. Teletubbies!! I was that red one in the photo for halloween when I was younger haha, such great memories! I have a younger brother and teething was an actual nightmare, he always seemed in pain and no matter what we did even with those teething toys in ice, we just had to wait until his teeth came in.

    Sunday is also considered a family day by me as well - that’s the one day we make sure to have breakfast as a family :)


  3. I'm nowhere near close to becoming a parent and still trying to navigate uni, but I really enjoyed reading this (probably because I'm so nosey haha!) Also have huge respect for you juggling parenting with blogging - I can imagine it being quite hectic!

    Eva x

  4. This is a really fun and interesting post! I loved reading your answers Soffy. It’s so sweet you have gifted Little A your 24 year old telletubby! That’s such a special thing to do. I love the quote in your photo too! Great post lovely <3 xx

    Bexa |

  5. Oh man, I can see a big difference between the expectations of parenthood and the reality of it. Oh man, I don't have any toys from my childhood except for a pair of cute Hello Kitty sandals from when I was 3 XD. YES! It is so important to reduce plastic waste where ever possible. Thanks for sharing these tips!

    Nancy ♥


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