Mama and Toddler Loves: Summer Edition

20 September 2019

Deal Castle
Sometimes life takes a toll and you have to set aside some things and this is one of those but I guess everything happens for a reason as I think it’d be lovely to have a summer post of what we loved to look back on, don’t you think?

M A M A  L O V E S 

Mums Birthday 

Since starting work, I felt like I didn’t spend enough quality time with my Mum. You know, just me and my Mum (of course A too!) so for her birthday, I told her well in advance that she would be spending the entire day with me, we had such a lovely time and made lovely memories I’ll cherish forever.

Chair person 

There has been a committee created at work that oversees new work and development in the Child Health area and takes on board ideas which can be anything from improving quality of work space to educating mothers on important issues and guess what? I was one of the persons nominated and voted to be Chair person which proves that no matter what your job role (I’m an admin amongst the other specialists) you can be influential.

Wedding Anniversary 

On Saturday 24th August, the husband and I, celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by going on a date! Our first date in more than 2.5 years - long story short, we find it difficult doing anything without our baby girl so I guess this was a big step for us even though we did end up talking about her 
and wishing that she was with us too!

T O D D L E R  L O V E S

Walthamstow Wetlands

It was a hot summer’s day, the husband was at work and I wasn’t feeling too great but what do children know? They just want to live in the moment and have fun and why not?! 
Thankfully, my brother came to the rescue and took A out 
with the family to the wetlands where she had a wonderful time.

Baby Annabelle

So when I was A’s age my parents for Eid got me the Baby Annabelle doll that talks so for Eid this year my Mum took out that same doll and gave it to A. It has 
been amazing to see A play with my doll and I am so 
grateful that my Mum has kept all of my toys - A 
absolutely adores it!

Chad Valley’s Mega Blocks 

I bought these blocks for A on Eid and a month has passed and they still are a major hit! They have not only help to promote independent play but also creativity in A, she loves building towers and put her little In The Night Garden characters on them. One of the best purchases of the year so far if I’m being honest!

W E  B O T H  L O V E D 


We had 2 summer Eids this year, I full well remember Eids as a child in Winter and it’d be pouring down with rain. I’m so glad A is getting to experience it in the summer months. We had wonderful time with the family - the best thing about any celebration other than the presents is the quality time being able to spend with each other.


We had our first family holiday to Edinburgh, although A ended up unwell, we did make a lot of wonderful memories to cherish. I’m in the middle of writing about our adventures in Edinburgh and the first instalment is already up if you’re interested!

English Heritage 

In March, I bought myself and the husband English 

Heritage memberships and so far it has proven to be the best thing ever. Honestly, I believe that having a membership encourages you to make an effort and go out. 

We have been to Dover Castle, Walmer Castle, Deal Castle, Tilbury Fort, Stonehenge and Audley End House and Gardens so far with many more to come. Our little A has been enjoying exploring through History and visiting new places too.


My lovely friend of 15+ years came for a visit. A was meeting her after nearly a year but instantly they shared a beautiful bond which was amazing to see and we all had a lovely time.


What have been your highlights of the summer?

Little Miss A’s 30 Month Update!

6 September 2019

It’s been quite a while since I did an update on A - 6 months to be exact! How time has flown so quickly, I will never know. Little A who is actually not so little anymore, she turned two and a half on 24th August.

I feel like as she’s growing up more and more, our bond is becoming even stronger. I really can’t get enough of when she comes to me for a cuddle and tells me she loves me.

So much has happened in the past 6 months it’s unreal. We had our first family holiday and fought our first proper virus but all in all it has been an eye opener as A doesn’t really seem like just a toddler to me anymore but a proper little girl instead.

So let’s just get straight into it, shall we?


It can be a hit and miss, I try my best to make healthy meals she likes to eat but in all honesty it depends on her mood and not necessarily whether she actually likes the meal or not. We have been through stressful fussy phases but I keep on telling myself ‘it’s just a phase’ even though it doesn’t feel like it then!

I also try to make sure we eat the same thing as her, well at least I try which in a way is a good thing as I do end up eating healthier because of her. I’ve been telling myself to not be too precious with what she eats, as long as the meal doesn’t contain red chilli or doesn’t have crazy amount of salt then it’s okay!

But one thing is for certain though, heartbreakingly, this girl HATES all forms of pasta and spaghetti and I shall say no more on this...

B R E A S T F E E D I N G 

30 months on and we are still going strong with no plans of stopping anytime soon! She has a feed at bedtime and if she’s quite unsettled at night. On weekends, she might ask for a feed during the day but that is not always the case.

S L E E P I N G 

I did an in depth post about sleeping in the beginning of the year and not much has changed. She is still in our room and her cot is still like a co sleeping cot - her sleep is actually better and can sleep through the night obviously stirring and sometimes moaning in her sleep but we all do that, don’t we? 

Her attempts to actually get to my side of the bed for the past few days have stopped and she wakes up saying ‘my bed, I really like it’ so that’s a change. I think credit is due to her new bunny sheets from Aldi!


Where do I start?

This girl is on another level giving me surprises everyday. The major development is her speech, she is able to talk in sentences and you can now have conversations with her. Of course, there is still some babbles but that’s expected.

Everyday when I come home from work she has a story to tell - and on Monday she goes and tells her Nanny exactly what we got up to on the weekend! It’s amazing!

Sometimes I really don’t understand where has she learnt the words as she uses them in the right context. 

Some of her favourite phrases:

‘Mummy busy’ 

‘I really like it’ or ‘I don’t like it’

‘It’s mine’

‘Sit down’

I could go on and on...

But what really surprises me is her grasp on both English and Urdu! An example being, if she says ‘come here, mummy’ and I seem to take my time to go to her she will then repeat the same thing in Urdu!

Other aspects of development, she has started to recognise her alphabet and numbers, although she has been singing them for a quite a while, it’s only recently I’ve noticed she’s recognising them for A being A etc same for colours too. 

T O I L E T  T R A I N I N G

Little A has been ready for quite some time now and I had just been looking for time to get serious due to work. This past bank holiday we did get serious and in 3 days we just had 6 accidents which I think was quite a success. Of course, being back at work meant that my Mum had to continue and she has been continuing the same method by putting her on potty/toilet every 30-45minutes.

She does resist and sometimes refuses to go but that’s when she doesn’t need to go, so we let her be. But when she has the need to go she doesn’t complain and is happy to sit. 

She wakes me up at 5:30am for a wee but then might not be bothered to tell me for the rest of the day. We have learnt that she understand the need to go, she understands what she has to say but currently it’s in her own terms.

I think we’re having pretty much a success but really need to work on encouraging her to tell us when she has to go.

It’s a major change in her life so we’re making sure she doesn’t end up detesting it instead.


So that’s about it! Well, you know me, I could go on and on but I’ll be back in about 6 months time for another update when I’ll have a 3 year old! Can you believe that? Because I certainly cannot!

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